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On Campus


ArtsCore on Campus seeks to increase collaboration among and between departments at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh that are involved in teacher education.

Research grant opportunities

 ArtsCore offers an extraordinary research opportunity!

Faculty and staff are invited to develop a research plan and applied outcomes related to arts integration strategies for their particular discipline or K-16 classroom application

Current internships

  • Music internship with Evergreen Retirement Community
  • Art internship at Evergreen Retirement Community
Guest speakers
  • Q&A with Kirsty Mitchell
  • Placed-Based Education:  A Visual Field Trip Across North America, David Sobel
  • Traditional Storytelling:  Celebrate the arts, nature and storytelling, Randy Cornelius
  • Animation in the Classroom:  Collaborative storytelling across the curriculum, Mark Jones
  • Layers of Trouble:  How a cicada's song inspired an artist to find the art in science subjects, Judith Baker Waller

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