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Clubs & Organizations

As an art student, there are several student and professional organizations you can join.

Priebe Art Gallery Board (Priebe Art)

The Allen Priebe Art Gallery board is a student run organization. The board consists of five students, with a faculty advisor.The purpose of such a gallery is to direct students input into gallery and university affairs.We do selection and curation of a variety of exhibitions, arrange visiting artists and artist activities, and bring a diverse range of cultural experiences to the university's community.


Students Organized for Art (SOFA)

Serve as a voice and promote awareness of visual arts on campus. Provide opportunities for students to have hands-on experience in the visual arts. Be a meeting ground for students working together in mediums not offered at UW Oshkosh through lectures and workshops. Communicate and collaborate with other art organizations both here on campus and from other locales.


National Art Education Student Chapter (NAEA)

Provide opportunities for students to have hands-on experiences in the visual arts; specifically those not offered at UW Oshkosh. Promote the development of worthy art education ideas and practices and to foster inquiry and reflection on significant art education issues. Network with art education students, art teachers, studio artists, professors, and other professionals in the art education field. These individuals give us current and up-to-date information in art education. Visit and volunteer at art education environments, i.e. museums, classrooms, and galleries to gain insight and perspective in art education.

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