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Ron Weaver

"The Swallow" by Ron Weaver

The Swallows, oil/acrylic, Ron Weaver; copyright (c) 2003 RW

Professor Emeritus Ron Weaver passed away at his home in Arizona on December 5. He taught at UW Oshkosh in the Department of Art for 36 years and had a big impact on students and faculty alike.


Art department colleagues reflect on Weavers' loss, legacy - UW Oshkosh Today, 1/31/14

Memories of Ron
Faculty share their memories of working with Ron.

Obviously Ron had told this story more than once before he told it to me. It was like a painter’s Tale of Job, with Ron as Job and his art star/bigshot professor in the role of Satan. The biblical reference has been added. It was in the late 60’s, in the green pastures of Yale University, and Ron was finishing up, doing his last meeting with his MFA thesis advisor, Frank Stella, when Frank was pretty much at his bigshot high-water mark. Ron’s rigorous abstract paintings were grouped around and Frank walked in and liked what he saw. Frank praised the work on and on, gesturing enthusiastically at this one and that, and when he walked out, smiling, Ron was smiling too, until he sat there for a while, alone, and looked at the paintings, and the smile faded away. Best school in the country, years of hard work, a sheltered kid from Indiana and here I was, Ron said, right on the edge of fulfilling my promise, and I had fallen for the oldest trick in the book: I had painted a bunch of ringers, pseudo Stellas, with intelligent, little variations, of course, but basically Stellas. And that’s when I began to realize, like a drug had worn off, that I had no interest in painting abstract paintings, and that day is when I decided to paint figuratively again. - Jeff Lipschutz


I had Ron for just two classes when I was an undergrad. The color class and a summer landscape painting class. I think many of us that took the summer painting course, which Ron taught at least in the late 70's and early 80's, remember him driving his motorcycle around visiting us painting on location. One of the most valuable courses I ever took was Ron's color class. His passion for color theory made the class (along with the smell of the Color-Aid packs).  In my own artwork, I continue to carefully consider the use of color and my sense of color and knowledge of color theory come directly from that class. In graduate school, I worked in the scene shop at the Indiana University Musical Art Center. Part of the job was mixing gallons of paint and color matching the original designs of the set designer. It was really at that time when I realized how much I had learned in that class. - Gail Panske

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