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In an attempt to give more individual attention to high school students’ artwork and provide richer, more in-depth art making experiences on a college campus, the UWO art department has developed a new approach to the HSAD. The new format, the activities, organization and protocol for the event have changed. These changes are as follows:


Participants in the HSAD 2017 will be assigned to one art workshop. Art education majors at UWO will lead the 90- minute workshops. Each workshop will focus on exploration of one particular area of art such as printmaking, drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, metals, digital arts or sculpture. Students will take on-site artwork home with them at the end of the HSAD.

Given this format, the total number of student participants will be limited to 100 (See submission guidelines for more information).


Exhibition Jury Process

This year, only high school students who attend the HSAD event will submit work to be considered for the exhibition. Each participating student will bring just one of his/her best art pieces to the UWO campus on the day of the event.

At the beginning of the day, students will drop off their off-site work in designated critique rooms. While the students are attending the hands-on workshops, jurors (art faculty, retired art teachers and senior art majors) will review each submission and prepare written feedback. 40-50 “best” pieces will be selected for the HSAD exhibit.

The 40-50 selected pieces will be on display at the Steinhilber Gallery of Art on the third floor of Reeve Memorial Union the week following the HSAD (May 1 to May 6). Out of the 40-50 pieces, jurors will then determine a small number of “best of show” awards.


The closing reception will be held on Saturday, May 6 from 3:30-4:30. Parents, students, teachers and the public will be invited to attend. Top award winners of the exhibit will be announced at the awards ceremony, which will take place in Reeve Theater (located across the hall from the Steinhilber Gallery) at 4:00. After the awards ceremony, students will take their artwork home. Students unable to attend the closing reception will arrange for someone else to collect their work.


Critiques of Student Work

After students complete their workshops on the HSAD, they will gather in the critique room in which they placed their off-site artwork. At that time, they will be notified if their piece was selected for the Steinhilber Exhibit and receive an evaluation form with written feedback about their art.

UWO art faculty, retired art teachers and senior art majors will then conduct a verbal critique of students’ work. The jurors will not be able to discuss every piece submitted but will model ways of speaking about art and discerning what constitutes excellent or high quality artwork.

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