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Jaehan Bae

Associate Professor (Ph.D., Florida State University)


Art Education, field research, visual culture in art education and community-based art education.



  • Art 203 - Art: Concepts & Creations
  • Art 253 - Foundations of Art Education
  • Art 354 - Art Education Elementary Methods
  • Art 355 - Teaching of Art
  • Education 366 - Clinical Teaching in Art (K-12)
  • Student Teaching


Contact Information

Office: A/C 526
Telephone: (920) 424-7054


Selected Work and Publications

Books & Chapters:

  • Bae, J. (2009). An art education and cultural learning program for Korean teachers: Six Korean elementary teachers have experienced culture, arts, and education in Florida during a month. Saarbrücken, Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller.
  • Bae, J. (in press). Korean Sotdae: Nature, art, and guardian of community In Sheng Kwon Cheng (Ed.), Teaching Asian Art Anthropology. Reston, VA: National Art Education Association.



  • An Intercultural Peace Mural Project: Let's make a peaceful world hand in hand, Art Education 65(1), 47-54. (2012) Article PDF
  • Teaching with murals at a post office: A community's past, present, and future, Art Education 62(5), 25-32. (2009) Article PDF
  • Collage as a Mirror of Society, School Arts 108 (8), 34-35. (2009) Article PDF
  • Letter to the Editor, Art Education (March 2007)


Translated Articles:

  • Visual Culture and Art Education (by Peter Smith), Korean Journal of Research in Art & Education 4 (2003)


National Conference Referenced Papers

  • A Mural Workshop for Korean and American Students, NAEA, Baltimore, Md. (2010)
  • Teaching Asian Art: Context, Content, and Pedagogy, Upcoming (with Sheng Kuan Chung and authors), NAEA, Baltimore, Md. (2010)
  • Motion Pictures in the Classroom: Teaching Students How to Make Motion Pictures (with Hawn-Sun Kim), NAEA, New York (2007)
  • Intensive Art Education Program for Six Korean Elementary School Teachers, NAEA, Chicago, Ill. (2006)
  • Political Issues and Art Education (with Bokyung Koo and Haikyung Kim), NAEA, Boston, Mass. (2005)
  • Shamanism, Multiculturalism, and Art Education, NAEA, Boston, Mass. (2005)


Regional Conference Referenced Papers

  • Sotdae: A Form of Korean Public Sculpture. WAEA, La Crosse, Wis. (October 28, 2010) PowerPoint
  • Refining Creativity, Problem Solving, and Life Skills through Mural Projects, WAEA, Milwaukee, Wis. (October 28, 2009)
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