Would You Like to Volunteer Your Skills to Help Improve the Care of Wisconsin's Historical Records?

Professional archivists and records managers, wherever they are employed, often help preserve historical records by assisting other institutions with advice, information, referrals, and on-site assistance. Like lawyers, doctors, nurses, librarians and other professionals, archivists' volunteer contributions bring credit to their field and serve their communities. Many institutions, however, are unaware for whom to contact for such assistance. The Wisconsin Archives Mentoring Service offers archivists a new opportunity to help institutions that have historical records but that cannot employ professionally trained staff to care for them.

If you are interested in donating some time to a Wisconsin institution to improve the care of historical collections, this mentoring program is your chance. By registering your name with the Wisconsin Archives Mentoring Service, you will be matched with an institution that needs a mentor's expertise. Working with the institution, you can develop any program of assistance that matches your available time with the institution's needs. You will have the satisfaction of seeing your expertise quickly help to improve historical collections and increase the institution's appreciation of its holdings. Mentoring can improve your professional standing in a community and foster lasting and supportive relationships with institutions.

Additional Information:

How the mentoring system works?

Benefits for volunteer mentor archivists and their employers.

On-line tool kit (resources for successful mentoring).

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