Are you interested in Mentoring Assistance for Your Historical Collections?


•  Do you have questions about preserving or helping patrons use your collections of old newspapers, photographs, maps, and other historical materials about your community or institution?

•  Could you use expert advice from a professional archivist to help you care for historical collections?

If so, you may be interested in the Wisconsin Archives Mentoring Service for Wisconsin libraries, museums, local historical societies, art galleries, private firms, and other institutions that hold historical collections. We will put you in touch with a professional archivist who wants to volunteer time to help you improve your care of historical collections. Through e-mail, letter, or telephone communications, the mentor can provide advice and answer questions. The mentor may also be able to visit your location, help you assess your collection, and give you some on-site technical assistance. Archivists making on-site visits may require some reimbursements for traveling expenses. Arrangements should be made directly with the archivist you are working with.

Additional Information:

How the mentoring system works?


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