Benefits for Professional Archivists

Wisconsin Archives Mentoring Service gives archivists a way to extend professional service to repositories that need expert assistance and an opportunity to contribute to the improvement of Wisconsin's historical records. For archivists who occasionally help other repositories, the service provides a convenient way to connect with institutions looking for mentors.

Becoming a mentor can mean:
  • Meeting people who share an interest in preserving historical collections
  • Improving your skills in archives management
  • Building cooperative relationships with individuals and institutions in Wisconsin
  • Giving indispensable help to improve the care of historical records
  • Using your professional knowledge and experience to provide advice and assistance
  • Enjoying the satisfaction of seeing progress on well-focused projects
Benefits for the mentor's employer

The work and time that employers often authorize for mentors to work with institutions is a significant resource for the mentoring service. Employers benefit from the mentor's help to an institution by :

  • Gaining a higher profile and stronger reputation in the community
  • Demonstrating a commitment to community service
  • Seeing the results from well-focused projects
  • Benefiting from the continued professional development of their professional archivist.