Records Schedules

Authority to dispose of any public record is granted only by means of records schedules either individual RDAs (records disposition authorizations) or as part of a GRS (General Records Schedule).

Records Management FAQ

While proper records management is every University employee's responsibility, it can be complex. Here is a list of common questions regarding proper records management at UW Oshkosh

Records Management Training

There are several sources for records management training specific to UW System. Schedule office visits with UW Oshkosh's Records Officer by contacting Joshua Ranger. 920-424-0828 or
Online training is expected to be made available via DOA and UW System in February, 2018.

Records Management Policy Matrix

We recommend every office create a policy "matrix" that covers only the records significant to that office. A matrix lists all records series used in the office, with the schedule citation, retention period and disposition method recommended for each.