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Tax and Land Records

Our Holdings of Tax Records*
1877 - 1980
Fond du Lac
1850 - 1995
Green Lake
1885 - 1996
1892 - 1965
1860 - 1995

*Tax roll holdings vary greatly by community. Contact the ARC for detailed holdings information.

Land records are the deeds, land patents, grantee/grantor indexes that document the sale and transfer of land from one owner to another. The Oshkosh ARC DOES NOT hold any deeds for counties in its jurisdiction. There are abstracts of deeds from Green Lake county from 1843-1902, but the deeds themselves are at the county register of deeds office. Go to our links section for addresses of county courthouses.

Tax and assessment rolls are records of taxes collected on real estate and/or personal property by county, town or municipal treasurers. We collect and preserve as many tax rolls as possible before 1900, and every fifth year after 1900. As with the court records, our holdings vary by community. The rolls for each county are organized by the legal description of the parcel. Typically, an entry in a tax roll volume will include the name of the taxpayer, a description of the property, a valuation of the property, and amount of taxes paid. Property descriptions conform to the township/ range/ section number/ fraction system established by the Federal Land Survey for unplatted lands, with platted lands designated by lot and block numbers. YOU MUST KNOW THE LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF THE PARCEL TO EFFECTIVELY USE THE TAX ROLLS.

Assessment rolls series at this ARC originated from several different levels of county, town and municipal government. They are generally less consistent and less complete than the more standardized tax rolls.