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Welcome to the webpages of the UW Oshkosh Archives and Area Research Center. The archives is located on the 3rd floor of the Forrest R. Polk library on the campus of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. As the name implies there are two programs to this institution: the University Archives and the UW Oshkosh Area Research Center of the Wisconsin Historical Society. The combined mission of both programs is to collect, preserve and provide access to records of historical significance to the members of the university and public community at large.

University Archives

The University Archives serves the historical needs of the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, permanently storing historically significant campus records and providing reference services for those records to the university and greater community. The University Archives has records of the President/Chancellors from Albee to Guiles; copies of the Advance and Advance Titan newspapers; a complete run of the Quiver yearbooks; records of student and faculty government; and numerous other series. At this time few University Archives collections are cataloged in the library's on-line catalog. Contact the archivist directly with questions regarding the University Archives.

Area Research Center:

The UW Oshkosh ARC is one of 14 statewide and provides access to hundreds of local interest collections of historical material owned by the Wisconsin Historical Society. The Area Research center serves a geographic region including Dodge, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Marquette, and Winnebago counties and holds records only from that region. There are two parts to the ARC collection: local government records and manuscripts.

Local government records

Local government records comprise the largest part of the ARC's holdings. Local government records are those created by various elected officials or governmental units representing counties, towns, municipalities and special districts while executing their official duties. Local government records at the Oshkosh ARC include among others: county and circuit court files, school board records, municipal government records, tax rolls, probate records and many others. For a complete list, consult ArCat, the on-line catalog. The smaller, but certainly not less significant, part of the Oshkosh ARC's collection are manuscripts.

Manuscript collections

Manuscript collections are historically significant papers and records created by individuals, businesses, and other organizations throughout the course of their activities. The materials include letters, diaries, legislator's papers, business records, records of social clubs, and many other type of materials.

Transfer system

All of the Oshkosh ARC's local government and manuscript collections are cataloged in ArCat, the on-line catalog of the Archives Division of the Wisconsin Historical Society. Although the Oshkosh ARC provides immediate access to collections kept here, much of the network's historical material can be temporarily borrowed for research use. With some important exceptions (genealogical collections, for example, do not transfer), any collection found in ArCat can be sent to the Oshkosh ARC within days. The borrowed collection can be used for up to a month before being sent back to the lending institution. Contact the archivist for more information.