Annotated Bibliography

Kiszely, Gayle A. "Ceresco: Utopia in Fond du Lac County." Fond du Lac Public Library. 2002.

This document covers many aspects of life on the Phalanx, with some focus on why the phalanx collapses. She explores religion, women and the general communal lifestyle. It is very valuable because not only does it have a lot useful information, the author has also cited many important sources herself. You might want to seek the sources yourself.

Pedrick, Samuel M. A History of Ripon, Wisconsin. Stevens Point, WI: Worzalia Publishing Company, 1964

Pedrick, Samuel M. "Sketch of the Wisconsin Phalanx." Proceedings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin (1903)

Pedrick was an influential historian from Wisconsin who produced many documents about our state's history. His sketch was written in the early 1900s and still remains prevalent today. He is one of the main contributors to Ceresco history. When Ceresco dissolved it became part of the village of Ripon and is mentioned throughout his book.

Savagian, John. "Women at Ceresco." Wisconsin Magazine of History 83.4 (2000): 258-80.

An article strictly focused on the impact of women on the phalanx. He opens us up to the view that some of Ceresco's failures were influenced by the lack of equality for women more than earlier researchers suggested.

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Annotated Bibliography

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