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More UWO Love Stories

Michael and Carole Ecker

At Winter Carnival in 1969 in the basement of Clemans Hall, Michael Ecker '71 and '78 met his wife Carole Ecker '90. They fell in love and a year and a half later they were wed at the Newman Center on campus.


Christopher and Wendy Falk

In late fall 1995, on a cold, wet morning at 3 a.m. a fire alarm jolted the entire Donner Hall awake, and forced Christopher Falk ’97, and Wendy (Mueller) Falk ’99, out into the inclement weather. Clad only in boxer shorts, a T-shirt and koala bear slippers, Wendy spotted Christopher among the group. She was instantly tongue tied. After many movie dates and time spent getting to know each other, they married on May 8, 1999.


Pamela and Greg Kamin

After initially meeting during an advertising media course in fall 1995, Pamela (Turner) Kamin ‘96, and Greg Kamin ’96, were brought together by a project late one evening in the Journalism Lab. Greg's offer to help with Pamela’s project led to a dinner where they chatted and laughed. From there, they continued to get to know each other through date nights, touring Oshkosh’s city landmarks and a New Year’s Eve party. Through Pamela’s graduation, a move to Milwaukee and a new career as well as Greg’s internship and own graduation in 1996, love prevailed and they ended up together in California. Greg proposed to Pamela with a ring hidden in the very same text book from  the advertising class where they first met. They decided to move back to the Midwest to begin their new life together.


James and Nancy Kuebler

After having their first date as Juniors for Homecoming 1951, James Kuebler last year attended '52 told Nancy (Lee) Kuebler '51 and '87 MSE, that he was going to marry her. Eleven years later they did.


Dave and Molly Lesinski

Working at the front desk of Donner Hall, Molly Lesinski '02, saw her future husband, Dave Lesinski '01. A mutual friend asked Molly to watch for Dave and let him in to the dorm after the doors had been locked. When a handsome fellow walked to the dormitory doors and struggled with opening the locked doors, Molly was pleasantly surprised. She let him in and knew instantly that she had to meet him more formally. With encouragement from their mutual friend, Dave finally asked Molly out in February 1999. They fell in love and married.


Jason and Jessica Miller

Jessica (Ball) Miller '99 met the love of her life, Jason Miller '98 while attending UW Oshkosh. They met in 1995, and married each other in 2002. They enjoy their jobs, and accredit UWO's educational experience to it. They have two children .


John and Arlene Newhouse

The campus cafeteria brought the Newhouses together. Due to long football practices, John Newhouse ‘54, often visited the cafeteria where Arlene (Pankratz)  Newhouse ’52, worked to make her way through college. John soon found himself washing dishes to spend time with Arlene. After a while, he worked up enough courage to ask her to a dance. They spent the next three years dating and meeting at the library and union until finally an engagement led to their long and happy marriage in 1953.


Scott and Anne Ney

Scott Ney ’73, and Anne (Ottensmann) Ney's ’72, relationship began as they both worked at Polk Library. It was Anne’s responsibility to show Scott, a new employee, what to do in the Reserve Room in the library. They enjoyed each others' company very much and were brought even closer together by sharing the same faith and married in 1973.


Barry and Beth Osicka

Being a gentleman, Barry Osicka ‘73, retrieved a chair for Beth Osicka ’73, in a packed early morning Physiology Lab in 1970. A few weeks later, the two ran into each other again outside of Polk Library and ended up having a cup of coffee together. Numerous football games, cookouts and study dates led to their marriage on campus at the Newman Center in June 1972.


Donald Pohnl and Nancy Mashuda-Pohnl

Library science graduate students Donald Pohnl '85, and Nancy Mashunda-Pohnl '80, first met on a class trip to Chicago. They sat next to each other and spent time getting to know each other on the bus trip and hit it off right away. During the trip, they found that they truly enjoyed being around each other. On the way home, they were disappointed that they had different seats. Don’s bad habit of chewing ice cubes led to a date night to see Maynard Ferguson in concert. After the concert, the two shared a walk through the park and watched the moon glow over Lake Winnebago. This "Library Science Romance," as the graduate students' professors referred to it, led to their marriage in October 1981.


Rob and Victoria Snyder

Rob Snyder ’82, was filming the 1982 Homecoming parade in front of Reeve Union, when he did a crowd shot that just so happen to contain his future wife, Victoria (Techlin) Snyder '85. They met a few months later, at Rob’s mother’s Christmas party, where he offered Victoria help planning her college future. A few months later, Victoria decided to take him up on his offer, and they went out in March 1983. Rob and Victoria married in June 1985. On the drive from the church to the reception hall, they took one more spin down Algoma Boulevard to look at the place that meant so much to both of them.


Don and Mary Turner

In a strange twist of fate, art major Mary Turner ’72, and geology major Don Turner ’70, ended up sharing six hours of classes together during fall 1968. From sitting next to each other in pit classes, Don working as the lab assistant for Mary’s geology class and giving each other advice about school and relationships, their lives seemed intertwined from the get-go. All that time spent bonding has led to a marriage of more than 30 years.


Kenneth and Lorraine Schenian

Ken Schenian '58 and Lorraine (Molik) Schenian '52, '72, met at UW-Oshkosh in the summer of l954. They had several classes together that summer and Ken would visit Lorraine quite often at Jim's Campus Cafe, where she had worked. When the summer ended the two went on their owns ways, but to their shock, they ran into eachother the following summer while registering for classes. This suprise encounter in the library led to their marriage in June of 1956.


Andrew and Louise Stenson

Andrew Stenson '40 and Louise (Malotky) Stenson '42 have been married for 68 years. The couple, whom shares a love for teaching, both taught in the Greendale, WI area. Andrew and Louise have four children, ten grandchildren, 29 great-grandchilden and even one great-great-grandchild.


Todd and Lori Hobart

Todd Hobart '84 and Lori (Koren) Hobart '83 met their freshman year on the 6th floor of North Scott Hall.  After a Mingle and Tingle night at RUB, the two went on their first date and have been together ever since.  Lori graduated with a Nursing degree in ‘83 and Todd with a Business degree in ’84. The couple married in April of 1984 in Milwaukee, where they both held some of their first jobs out of college.   Todd and Lori, who have been married now for 28 years, say they are enjoying each other, their children and dogs, and relaxing at their place in Door County. Lori has been a nurse for 28 years, with 24 of those years as an Operating Room Nurse at the Community Memorial Hospital in Menomonee Falls.  Todd has been a Retail Manager at various retail locations, including 17 years at Office Max in the Milwaukee area.


Heidi and Patrick Saidi

Heidi (Froeschle) Saidi '92 met her husband, Patrick Saidi, while attending UW Oshkosh. Sitting in a Dempsey classroom, Heidi noticed a poster advertising an AESU European summer tour. After convincing her roommate to join her, the two Fletcher Hall residents made their way to Europe for the summer. Both Heidi and her roommate met their husbands on August 6, 1991 in Amsterdam. Heidi and Patrick have happily spent the last 21 years together.


Jeffrey and Heidi Piette

Jeffrey Piette and Heidi (Penasa) Piette '90 met 26 years ago in an Economics course. Although the two admit to not succeeding highly in the class, they succeeded in finding true love. The couple married 7 years later and now have 5 children.


Mark and Susan Muskevitsch

Nearly 30 years ago, UW Oshkosh was the meeting grounds for Mark Muskevitsch '85 and MBA '96 and Susan (Makowski) Muskevitsch '86.  The two married 5 years later and now have 3 children. Their middle child has plans to pursue a nursing degree at UW Oshkosh.


Adam and Kristin Novotny

Adam Novotny '10 and Kristin (Pare) Novotny '09 met while working for Residence Life in Clemans Hall during the 2006-7 school year.  The two married and had a son. They are now living on the Minnesota State University campus, where Adam is a residence hall director.

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