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More Alumni Books

Mary Bergin

Mary BerginBergin '79 (LS) is the author of three Society of American Travel Writers and Midwest Travel Writers Association award winners. They are Sidetracked in Wisconsin: A Guide for Thoughtful Travelers (2006), Hungry for Wisconsin: A Guide for Hungry Travelers (2008) and Sidetracked in the Midwest: A Green Guide for Travelers (2011).  Eat Smart in Germany: How to Decipher the Menu, Know the Market Foods & Embark on a Tasting Adventure (2013) topped the travel guide category in the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and earned an honorable mention in Foreword Reviews' IndieFab Awards. The Wisconsin Supper Club Cookbook - Iconic Fare and Nostalgia from Landmark Eateries (2015) has a Sept. 1 release date.


Scott Brooks

Brooks '79 (LS) published his the book, Tracings in the Snow, the third in a trilogy of poetry books that include his earlier works, A Taste of Pitch and Thunder Lake.


christlcliff.jpgCliff Christl

Christl '70 (LS) of Green Bay has coauthored four books: Bicycling Wisconsin, Sleepers, Busts and Franchise-Makers, Mudbaths & Bloodbaths and Twenty-Five Greatest Moments in Lambeau Field History.


clevelanddeborah.jpgDeborah Cleveland

Cleveland ’91 (LS) has published her second book, Man from Macedonia: My Life of Service, Struggle, Faith and Hope, a biography available February 2010. Her first book, Hugs from Heaven: Portraits of a Woman’s Faith, was published in 2000.


Larry Didlo

Didlo ' 63 (EHS) is promoting his publication, “Wise Men Seek Him.” The Authorhouse publication will be presented at a librarian’s convention in Boston, Mass., in January.

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fredericksondonald.jpgDonald Frederickson

Frederickson '70 (BS) has published two books within the past year. His book, Roar of the Jaguar--the legacy of a Mayan Prince, was published in April 2012. It is a fictional action story about a Mayan prince, Shield Jaguar III, and his drive against all odds to become king in 650 A.D.


fredericksondonald2.jpgFrederickson also wrote the adventure thriller, Dakharo Heist--To Steal a Pirate's Treasure. The story line involves a  Somali pirate who hijacked an oil tanker carrying one-hundred-fifty million dollars and a thief who enters the pirate's den to steal it back.



Deborah Guenther-Gold

Deb Gold Guenther-Gold '95 (LS) has published a Christian book entitled Looking Through New Glasses; From Struggle to Graceful Living, When you commit to having a personal relationship with God your life will be transformed in ways you never imagined.

Margaret Holdorf

Holdorf '88 (LS) has published her book Flickertail & Paint, Barnyard Sleuths. She uses the pen name Mary Russel and resides in Fond du Lac. Her second novel, Rudolph, a Child’s Love Story is set for releaseNovember 9. It is a story about an adopted child feeling insecure and frightened, growing up in foster care. She also has published Slueth & Scribe Book 1: The Cole Case, a cozy mystery.


johnsonmelissa.jpgMelissa (Ewey) Johnson

Johnson '95  (LS) is the author of  Halle Berry: A Biography.

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Kris Klitzke

Klitze ’90 (N), is author of Hormone Balance: A Matter of Life & Health, which examines hormone balance and how estrogen dominance affects females throughout all ages and stages of life.

Klitzke was inspired to research the topic of hormone imbalance and write the book while working as a registered nurse.

“So many women over 40 feel that it’s their lot in life to be taking three or four medications for these symptoms,”she said. “But there are answers. My books explain how hormone balance can be restored naturally.”

Klitzke also is an independent consultant and regional vice president with Arbonne International. She lives in Appleton.


Jeff Koser

Koser ’78 (B and LS), and his son, Chad, a UW-Whitewater graduate, recently published a sales methodology book, Selling to Zebras.

A zebra is a perfect prospect — so named because once a sales professional identifies the characteristics of their “zebra,” it can be spotted quickly and easily among all other prospects.

“Many salespeople waste 85 percent of their energy on prospects that are poor fits for their products and services, company or sales strategy,” Koser said. “Your best chance to improve your sales, build a stable of happy customers and have a life outside of work is to find your ‘zebra’ and develop a method for selling to it.”

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lessercarolyn.jpgCarolyn Lesser

Lesser '60 (BS) has authored a number of  children's books, including The Goodnight Circle, Great Crystal Bear, Storm on the Desert and Dig Hole, Soft Mole and What a Wonderful Day to Be a Cow.



Adrian Martin

Martin '67 (EHS), has published five books about various topics, including sports and wars.

  • 2010 Marty: The Man Who Refused To Punt, the biography of the controversial coaching legend Marty Crowe who won four state championships in two different states. His refusal to punt on fourth down was only the tip of the iceberg of his many coaching philosophies that were dramatically different than his contemporaries.
  • 2008, Operation PLUM, the story of the 27th Bombardment Group who arrived in the Philippines 12 days before WW II started without their airplanes. Most of the group were given guns and became infantry and later suffered 3 1/2 years as POWs after the fall of Bataan. About 22 pilots snuck out of Bataan by small plane or submarine and fought the early air war in Java, Australia, and New Guinea.
  • 1993, Brothers From Bataan, the story of Adrian R. Martin who served on Bataan, endured the Death March and then 3 1/4 years as a POW before dying in Japan in 1945. Several POW camps and hell ship voyage that were seldom written about are features of the book.
  • 1992,CyClone McClone, the biography of coach legend Ralph McClone who won many state championships at Menasha St. Mary's but also became a success in the insurance business in Northeastern Wisconsin.
  • 1982,I Remember As Though It Were Yesterday, the biography of coach Greg Charlesworth who played for and later coached at New London High School from the 1920s to the 1980s.


mcdonaldtrevy.jpgTrevy McDonald

McDonald '90 (BA) published How We Got Over: Testimonies of Faith, Hope, and Courage, the book was conceptualized to raise funds for orphans in South Africa who suffer from AIDS.She also has published three other titles, including Building Diverse Communities, Nature of a Sistuh and Time will Tell.


millslaurel.jpgLaurel Mills

Mills '84 (LS) and ’89 (MA), is the author of Racing Toward Providence, a story set in a fictional area inspired by factual communities. Both this book and her first novel, Undercurrents, are based on events in her life.

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moonjoye.jpgJoye Moon

In December 2008, Moon '84 (LS) published her first book, Exploring Textures in Watercolor, which covers beginner as well as advanced projects; a variety of methods and techniques; and different surfaces, such as yupo paper, clay board, gesso paper and paintable canvas.

Marga Odahowski

Odahowski's '84 (MSE) book,The Way of the Hammock Designing Calm for a Busy Life will be released June 2015.

Annie (Fayann) Salisbury

Salisbury's '77 (EHS) book, Everything Turns to Callous, That's Life, has been published and put into print by Rose Dog Books, in March 2010.


David Sakrison

Sakrison '88 (MPA) is author of Chasing the Ghost Birds, a book describing three wildlife conservation programs aimed at protecting North America’s trumpeter swans and whooping cranes and Russia’s Siberian cranes and returning them to their historic ranges. He signed books at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., and presented a slide program at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

Joy Smith

Strike three Smith '85 (LS) book, Strike Three is a reference to WWIII. There are a variety of characters from all walks of life who work on survival and rebuilding of the planet after an apocalypse. Can a new world move beyond the shock of the big browning, the losses, mistakes, and regrets?


Detour trailSmith '85 (LS), Detour Trail is Joy Smith frontier novel about adventure and romance on the Oregon Trail. Also has published Sugar Time, Cold New Planet, Pretty Pink Planet, Hot Yellow Planet, Hidebound, Crystal Quest and The Doorway.

Jon Strupp

Strupp ’90 (B), of Fridley, Minn., earned a positive review in the August/September issue of World War II History Magazine for his book, King of the Oilers: The Story of the USS Chiwawa AO-68.

The book, a tribute to Strupp’s father who served on the ship, was described as “a well-written and profusely illustrated book” and “a loving tribute to the ship, to the men who served aboard her and to all of the millions of unsung men who toiled in anonymity to provide the logistical support without which the war could not have been won.”


David Thompson

Thompson '76 (MSE) is co-author of Beyond the Yellow Ribbon: Ministering to Returning Combat Veterans, a book designed to assist churches in understanding the needs of service personnel and their families as they deploy and return home from war. Thompson is a retired military chaplain, a licensed professional counselor and a military family life consultant for the National Guard and Reserves in Minnesota.

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voightasia.jpgAsia Voight

A University of Wisconsin Oshkosh alumna has reached international success with the April release of the new book, “Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now!” Voight, who received her bachelor’s degree in radio-TV-film in 1996 from UW Oshkosh, tells the riveting story of how she used her intuitive abilities and defied all medical odds to heal her paralyzed legs. Read more...

Heather Williams

Williams '70 (BS) was not encouraged to embrace her creative side during childhood and as a result turned her back on part of her inner life. Beginning with an explanation of how she reclaimed her artistic impulses, this book invites readers to explore their own resources for creativity. With a·step-by-step approach to personal development in the tradition of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and The Artist’s Way,

Gregory Winkler

Winkler '83 (EHS)is the author of Coaching a Season of Significance, a book written to lead coaches, especially soccer coaches, through a successful season.

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