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Golden Titan Scholarship

Remember back to when you graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Armed with knowledge, friendships and memories, you began the next chapter of your life, leaving UW Oshkosh a different person from when you enrolled. As a student, you helped create the history of the University and, through your support as a graduate you have the opportunity to help shape its future.

Nearly 50 percent of our enrolled students are first generation college students. And, more than 70 percent of our students rely on financial assistance to help fund their college education. They are pioneers in their families, embarking on an educational journey to change the profile of not only their family, but their communities as well.

UW Oshkosh Golden Titans — alumni who have graduated more than 50 years ago — have united to support the Golden Titan Scholarship. All gifts to this fund will be used to finance multiple awards.

Your support will help make UW Oshkosh affordable and accessible and a better place to live, learn and grow. It will demonstrate that the school that meant so much to you as a student means as much to you today. As members of the family of alumni giving back to UW Oshkosh, you can help us make a great university even better.

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