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Impact Hall of Fame

In order to pay tribute to the many people, places and events that impacted our college experience we are creating an Impact Hall of Fame. Please add your nominations to the list of those who have already been nominated. Please email nominations to or call (920) 424-3449. All entries will be included and celebrated during the Reunion Weekend.

Celebrating People, Places & Events

Paul Ansfield

Bruce Black

Max Bowman

Willis Buettner

Don Burdick

John Burr

Jean Caudle

Gene Cech

David Chang

Helen Jane Cougan

Ronald Crane

Art Darken

Roger Dennis

Thomas Dollar

Alice Duren

Jacob J. Edelheit

John Evans

Emerson Fine

Norm Frenzel

Helen Geiger

Warner Geiger

Warren Goehrs

Dr. Gooden

Charles Goff

Martin Gruberg

Sherman Gunderson

John Hein

Robert Heise

Marie Hirsch

Ken Hocking

Earl Hutchinson

Nevin James

James Johnson

Lee Kalbus

Burton Karges

Titus Karlowicz

Glenn Kinzie

Norb Kuenzi

Joe Laine

Hy Sang Lee

Art Leible

Gloria Link

Stanley Linton

David Marble

Dorothy Martin

Joe Mazza

Joseph Mezzano

Bertha Merker

Janet Moldenhauer

Ruth Nelson

Richard Netzel

Ed Noyes

Richard Osborn

Elizabeth (Betty) Overton

Robert Polk

Everett Pyle

Joseph Raab

Gerald Reed

Phyllis Roney

Richard Schwanke

Edward Schwartz

Jacob Shapiro

Richard Sommerfield

Nellie Sparks

Janet Strader

John Taylor

John Thompson

William Torow

James Unger

Allen Utke

Juris Veidemanis

Helen Wahoski

Shirley White

Coach Bob White

Vera Williams

Bob Wonders

Russell Young (the Honker)

Don Zahalka

Class of 1965 salutes the Quiver Staff


  • Wallace (Buzz) Barlow
  • Alison Bush
  • Jeffrey DeBruin,Editor
  • Yvonne Gneiser
  • Raymond Kaczmarek
  • Robert Kreuziger
  • Janice Meisinger
  • Maureen Rataczek
  • Patricia Storm
  • Susan Schneider
  • Terrance Schaefer
  • Joann Schmiling
  • John Sewell
  • John Wanner
  • Miriam Wicke
  • Michael Williams


Class of 1965 salutes Titan Athletes


  • Dean Austin
  • Doug Carriveau
  • Gene Englund
  • James Jaeger
  • Ronald Lindemann
  • Ray Neveau
  • Alan Schmidt
  • Ronald VanRossum


Class of ’65 remembers the following memorable places and events

  • The Original Library in Dempsey Hall
  • The Campus School “Little Theater”
  • The “Four Corner” – Chalk Board in Dempsey
  • The “Titan Room” in Reeve
  • The Original Albee Hall Pool
  • The Campus “Winter Carnival”
  • Titan “Homecoming” Parades
  • The Delta Sigma Phi “Songfest”
  • The Freshman “Meter” Dance and Proms
  • The APO “Ugly Man Contest” for charity
  • The football game at the old New York Street Athletic Field
  • The Raulf and Athearn Hotels
  • The ‘Time’ and ‘Oshkosh’ Theaters
  • The “Rail” the “Loft” and the “Magnet”
  • The Diamond Match Company
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