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Inactive 1963 Class List

We've lost touch with these classmates. Please let us know if you know where they are. List is in alphabetical order by graduation name.
First NameGrad NameLast Name
Margaret Basel Guenther
Terry Calvin Calvin
Frances Church Church
Kathryn Fritz Herman
Maxine Heimerl Heimerl
Mary Heinzkill Heinzkill
Thomas Johnson Johnson
Susan Lowell Jones
Nancy Ludwig Thill
I. Maskel Maskel
Joan Maves Maves
Hope Miller Miller
Mary Nemick Saxon
Don O'Hearn O'Hearn
Thomas Oswald Oswald
Thomas Pennewell Pennewell
Jane Saxon Saxon
Susan Schaefer Schaefer
David Schiessel Schiessel
Louise Schlude Schlude
Viola Schultz Schultz
Suzanne Sonntag Sonntag
Marlene Timmers Theyerl
William Veith Veith
Robert Wehner Wehner
Susan Weiss Spilker
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