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davis-brett.jpgBrett Davis
B.B.A., 1999

Marketing major, Davis is currently an adviser to Tommy Thompson on Health and Human Services (HHS) policy for Afghanistan. He manages projects in online rulemaking, forecasting and grants, and serves as liaison to HHS Legislative Affairs, the FDA and the Office of Global Health Affairs. He aspires to earn his master's degree in public affairs and work in the government relations area for a company.

maki-jeff-monn-chuck.jpgJeff Maki and Chuck Monn

B.A., 1996
West Allis, Wisconsin and Appleton, Wisconsin

Both journalism majors, they are being honored as a team. After graduation, their career paths were separated but not for long. Today they work for one of the largest advertising agencies in the business, Chiat/Day. They have only worked together for a few years, but their clients include Taco Bell, Apple Computer and Sony. They are also building brand awareness for EarthLink and their teamwork has been recognized in Creativity Magazine and Advertising Age.

mutchler-marialyce.jpgMarialyce Mutchler

B.A., 1995
Racine, Wisconsin

Political science and international studies majors, Mutchler oversees the procurement, recruitment, hiring and training of personnel for a U.S. Aid program that promoted democracy in Indonesia. she arrived in Indonesia in 1999 after the first democratic elections were held. She started working at Chemonics in 1998, which is one of the largest contractors for the U.S. Agency for International Development which supervises U.S. development assistance programs abroad.

wegner-philip.jpgPhilip Wegner

B.S.N., 1997
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Nursing major, Wegner is an assistant health program manager for Mercy Corps in Quetta, Pakistan. He has worked for more than 10 years in international relief and development programs and currently his job is to ensure that the health needs of refugees coming across the border to escape drought and war are met. He has served Doctors Without Borders in Turkmenistan where he worked to find a cure for tuberculosis.

wehrenberg-kevin.jpgKevin Wehrenberg

B.S., 1993
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Radio/Television/Film major, Wehrenberg is currently the production manager for the NBC prime time series Fear Factor. He began working for NBC Productions after receiving an Academy of Television Arts and Sciences internship in 1993. While at NBC he has held various titles including production manager, producer, grip, and art department coordinator.

jones-willett-sarah.jpgSarah Jones Willett

B.S., 1990

Radio/Television/Film major and business administration minor, Willett is a regional marketing director for Cumulus Broadcasting. She's considered one of the best women in broadcast sales in Wisconsin and a driving force in radio sales nationally. She has been named Master Sales Performer and one of five finalists to receive the Radio Wayne Streetfighter of the Year Award for excellence in the field of radio sales.

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