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vanbui-ty.jpgTy Van Bui
B.S., 1993
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Computer science and mathematics major, Van Bui is the senior business consultant and group leader at Case Corporation. He and his team implement and support client/server batch processing infrastructure. He has developed, implemented, and supported a new model for Worldwide UNIX Batch Processing. His leadership and team-building skills helped his Application Processing teams to win the Case Outstanding Achievement Award in 1999.

doucet-sheila.jpgSheila Doucet

B.S., 1997

Radio/Television/Film major, she began as a student freelancer for FOX Sports. She was hired by CBS in June of '99 as operations financial coordinator. She will be a production manager for the 2000 football season while being responsible for setting up and preparing to broadcast a live football game each weekend.


hoffman-carrie.jpgCarrie Hoffman
B.S., 1997
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Microbiology and public health majors and a chemistry minor, Hoffman began as a microbiologist for the Food and Drug Administration in 1988. She brought Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis to the laboratory which allows the extraction of DNA from bacteria.

pressley-keough-robin.jpgRobin Pressley-Keough

B.S., 1993
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Psychology major, she was a dolphin trainer at Gulf World in Panama City, Florida. In 1994 she accepted a position at Zoo Atlanta, where she persuaded the zoo to stop tranquilizing animals for physical exams. She currently is an organizer of the Animal Behavior Management Alliance which aims to make zoo animal training as professional as aquatic animal training.

sheehy-patrick.jpgPatrick Sheehy

B.A., 1993

International studies and political science majors, Sheehy headed to Capitol Hill after graduation. He first worked with Rep. Tom Petri of Fond du Lac. In March of 1997 he accepted a staff writer/ photographer position with the National Restaurant Association and in 1999 was promoted to manager of state legislative affairs.

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