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gillingham-david.jpgDavid Gillingham '69 and MST '77

A preeminent composer of contemporary wind and percussion music, UW Oshkosh alumnus David Gillingham ’69 and MST ’77, enthralls audiences around the world with his rhythms, melodies and instrumentation.

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smeeding-sandra.jpgSandra (Whiting) Smeeding '70

Since graduating from UW Oshkosh with a nursing degree in 1970, alumna Sandra (Whiting) Smeeding, of Salt Lake City, Utah, has been dedicated to improving the overall well-being of her patients.

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steigman-patrick.jpgPatrick Stiegman '88

After graduating in 1988 with a journalism degree and minors in radio-TV-film and political science, UW Oshkosh alumnus Patrick Stiegman climbed his way up the corporate ladder to land a dream job at ESPN as vice president and editor-in-chief of digital media.

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taraska-thomas.jpgThomas Taraska '75

As one of Wisconsin’s longest-tenured high school football coaches, UW Oshkosh alumnus Thomas Taraska ’75, has earned a record of success that includes four state and 11 conference championships.

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