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Leon Klatt, 1962
Underhill, Wisconsin

Chemistry and mathematics major, Klatt received his doctorate from UW-Madison in 1967. His research involves a wide spectrum of activities, including the use of electrochemical techniques and microcomputer controlled instrumentation required to analyze radioactive materials in highly shielded facilities. He has published about 45 papers and delivered more than 30 invited lectures and has served as a technical representative for the US Department of Energy.

John Walsdorf, 1969
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Library science and English majors, master's in library science from UW-Madison, Walsdorf was a librarian with the Milwaukee Public Library system. He was then placed in the Oxford City Library system in England. In July 1967, he joined the Oxford-based bookselling company of B.H. Blackwell, Ltd. and enjoys collecting books by English authors, which have been displayed at institutions such as George Washington University and University of Miami.



Ho Chung, 1962
Chemistry major, Chung is chief of the Biomedical Pharmacology and Toxicology Branch of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. His responsibilities include administrator, project director, contract technical monitor and a consultant to research institutes and universities. He also serves as adjunct professor pharmacology and toxicology at the University of Maryland and has been visiting lecturer at campuses.

LeRoy VanderPutten, 1961
Mathematics major, VanderPutten is vice president and deputy treasurer of Aetna Life and Casualty Insurance Company in Hartford, Conn. After graduation he joined Aetna as a programmer analyst and in 1969, he was appointed as an officer of Aetna and Department Head of the Electronic Data Processing Research Department. He has been active in financial and insurance-industry affairs and is a frequent guest speaker at seminars and conferences.



Ralph Day, 1951
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
History major, Day is vice president of operations of Rockwell International where he manages the Power Tool Division's manufacturing facilities. He manages three domestic and two overseas operations involving approximately 4,000 employees. Day was senior vice president of manufacturing for Hyster Company of Portland, Oreg. and returned to Rockwell International in 1975 as vice president of operations for the Graphics Systems Division headquartered. In 1981 he transferred to Pittsburgh, where he currently resides.

Dorothy (Hastings) Wurz, 1943
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Secondary education major, Wurz and her husband, Nelson, own and operate Nelson Beck of Washington, Inc., an upscale decorating firm based in Washington, D.C. They were awarded a contract to provide new draperies and reupholster more than 50 chairs for the Clinton administration in the White House. Their presidential work began with vice president Lyndon Johnson and have since completed redecorating work for President Bush, Reagan and Carter. They have worked in historical buildings including the Hay-Adams Hotel, Blair House and Daughters of the American Revolution Museum.

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