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George Currie, 1919
Princeton, Wisconsin

Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Currie received his law degree from University of Wisconsin in 1925, practiced law in Sheboygan for 26 years and was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1951. He is a member of Sheboygan Public Library Board, the Wisconsin Welfare council and the Governor's Conference on the Aging and the Madison Literary Club.

Frank Radford, 1903 and Elizabeth Morgan Radford, 1906

He is a retired industrialist in Oshkosh, previously managing the his family sash and door firm. He continues as president of the board of directors. Her interests and works parallel her husband, and her interests and support rest in educational and civic affairs. There is a building and scholarship at UW Oshkosh named in their honor.

John Gronouski, 1942
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Postmaster General under President Kennedy, Gronouski was in the Army Air Corps as private and later served as a navigator holding the rank of first lieutenant. He taught public finance, money and banking at University of Maine and was a research associate for the Federation of Tax Administrators. He was later appointed Wisconsin Commissioner of Taxation by Gov. Nelson.

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