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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh offers an undergraduate minor in African American Studies (AAS). This exciting complementary degree option will both broaden students' educations as well as enhance their employment possibilities after graduation. 

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Black Masculinities, Sexualities in Education and Society

Special Topics Course: AAS 395- 001C

Building Location:  University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Clow Class Room 232

 Course Description

Throughout American history, varying perceptions of Black manhood have been associated with negative stereotypes ranging from the docile male during the antebellum period; the criminal persona, glorified athlete to the disinterested male hostile to, and over studied in education. With the Million Man Marches, the election of Barack Obama as the first Black male President of the U.S., and Black Lives Matters movements, the image of Black males inside and outside educational institutions and within various communities has continued to change, ushering in ever-evolving perspectives of those masculinities. Scholars also have a breadth of new resources available to further analyze and explore the topic of Black masculinities.

The aim of this course is to help students acquire knowledge and analytical skills about a gender category and to familiarize them with the field of critical masculinity studies about Black males. Through scholarly readings in men's studies, feminist and masculinity theory, queer theory, Black studies, film screenings, and guest speakers presenting on the topic, this course will interrogate shifting images and understandings of Black males in education and society.

Course Prerequisite: African American Studies 100 and its USP equivalent; or African American Studies 101; or permission of instructor.



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New Interim Director: Dr. Ron Rindo (Dept. of English)


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