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Why Minor?

Female Students

Why Minor in African American Studies?

Because in the 21st century one needs to be able to:

  • Think critically
  • Think conceptually
  • Think with imagination
  • Think with the global community in mind
  • Think, understanding a diverse range of cultural points of view
  • Think competitively

Because in the 21st century in order to negotiate a wide range of competing ideas and function well within a diverse workforce, one must also know:

  • About the United States’ origins and histories
  • About economics and labor histories in the United States
  • About the evolution of the arts in the United States
  • About the political systems of the United States, and as they relate to the rest of the world
  • About the judicial systems of and social justice in the United States
  • About the environmental status of the United States
  • About the sciences in the United States. And so much more.

Problem-solving skills honed in AAS core courses for the Minor, coupled with a major disciplinary study area of your choice, will make you a prime candidate for success on any career path you choose.

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