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Earning the Minor


Earning the Minor in African American Studies

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh offers an undergraduate minor in African American Studies (AAS). Students who choose this exciting complementary option will broaden their education, sharpen their critical thinking and writing skills in preparation for graduate or professional school success, and enhance their employment possibilities after graduation.

When taking the 21 credits (22 for those earning teaching licensure) required for earning the AAS minor, students learn from scholarship about issues, ideas, and experiences related to the history, culture, socioeconomic, and political lives of African Americans. While the specific programmatic focus of the minor is African Americans in the United States, students also may choose from courses that suggest obvious connections as well as important distinctions that exist between African America, African nations, and other parts of the African Diaspora.

The AAS minor is a certificate program that can be coupled with any major study emphasis.

Three courses (3 credits each) are required for all AAS Minor degree candidates:

  • African American Studies (23) - 100: Introduction to African American Studies
  • English (38) - 219 or 229 (Honors): African American Literature
  • History (57) - 385: African American History (History 201 or 202 are prerequisites for History 385)

The remaining eighteen credits needed for earning the AAS minor come from a variety of academic departments and programs.  The selection of choices, therefore, will change depending upon the cross-listed and relevant elective courses that are offered in a given semester.  An updated list of courses that is available for choosing from may be found in the AAS office and on the AAS website each semester. 

The four remaining courses are to be divided in the following manner:

Group A: 100% Focus on African American Studies

(3-6 credits may be earned from this category)

  • African American Studies (23) - 395: Special Topics A: Optional Content (3-6 credits may be earned for this course)
  • English (38) - 319: African American Literature II: Optional Content
  • English (38) - 371: African American Women’s Literature
  • Religious Studies (87) - 285: African American Religious Experience   


Group B: 50% Minimum Focus on African American Studies

(3-6 credits may be earned from this category)

  • African American Studies (23) - 396: Special Topics B: Optional Content (3-6 credits may be earned for this course)
  • Music (73) - 215: African American Popular Music: Rock n' Roll
  • Music (73) - 216: The Evolution of Jazz
  • Political Science (84) - 304: Race & Ethnicity in United States Politics


Group C: Focus on African Studies

(3 credits may be earned from this category)

  • African American Studies (23) - 397: Special Topics C: Optional Content
  • Anthropology (21) - 322: Peoples and Cultures of Africa
  • Geography (50) - 353: Subsaharan Africa
  • Geography (50) - 354: Middle East and North Africa
  • History (57) - 359: Africa: 1800 to present
  • History (57) - 360: South Africa: 1652 to present


Optional Courses for the AAS Minor

(3-6 credits may be earned from this category)

In order to enhance the menu of subject areas from which AAS credits may be earned, the AAS Director regularly works in partnership with professors and AAS minors to customize courses that are not cross-listed but have some AAS content.  If a given course does not include the 50% minimum required for earning AAS credits, specific arrangements must be made to increase the AAS content. Prior to taking customized and service learning courses, the AAS minor must receive approval in writing from the AAS Director for earning AAS credits. 

  • African American Studies (23) - 366: Service Learning Field Study 
  • African American Studies (23) - 446: Independent Studies
  • Communication (96) - 318: Intercultural Communication
  • Communication (96) - 347: Race, Class, Gender in the Mass Media  
  • English (38) - 218: Introduction to Multiethnic Literature





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