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Title IX Training

Title IX: 40 Years On and What you need to know?

We have passed the 40th anniversary of Title IX. Long known for creating access and equality for women and girls in athletics as well as other facilities and programs, recently the scope of this legislation has been expanded to include campus sexual misconduct.

On April 4, 2011, the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights wrote a “Dear Colleague Letter” about Title IX as related to sexual harassment and sexual violence. The idea was to clarify requirements for responding to cases of campus sexual misconduct in order to prevent the creation of a hostile campus environment.

In the wake of these new clarifications for appropriate campus responses to sexual assaults and other misconduct under Title IX, many campuses have increased efforts toward education training to better address sexual conduct issues on campus and to best serve students.

Yet, just training the Title IX coordinator to better understand the new guidelines and regulations is not enough- faculty, students, and staff must also be educated to understand the complex requirements of Title IX. As such, we are offering sessions on Title IX.

Check the EVENTS page to register for upcoming Title IX Trainings being offered!

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