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Title IX: Faculty and Staff

UW Oshkosh and community resources are available to address questions concerning sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and sexual violence.

Individuals with questions or concerns about sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and sexual violence may contact the University’s Title IX Coordinator:

Ameerah McBride

Ameerah McBride, J.D.

Title IX Coordinator / Director of Equity & Affirmative Action

Office of Equity & Affirmative Action 
Dempsey Hall Room 211

800 Algoma Blvd
Oshkosh WI, 54901

(920) 424-0330
(920) 424-2296
FAX (920) 424-0448


Title IX: Students

Allegations of discrimination made by students against other students, including sex discrimination and sexual harassment, should be directed to the Dean of Students Office, who at their discretion, may refer the matter to E&AA or handle it within the student judicial process. The Dean of Students Office can be contacted at:

Dean of Students Office
Phone: (920) 424-3100
Dempsey Hall 125 
800 Algoma Blvd
Oshkosh, WI 54901


Deputy Title IX Coordinators:


Victoria Stimac

Assistant Director of Athletics Senior Woman Administrator

Phone: (920) 424-1384

Sharon Kipetz, Ed.D.

Assistant Vice Chancellor / Dean of Students

Phone: (920) 424-3100

Jennifer Watson, PhD

Associate Vice Chancellor   Faculty & Academic Staff Affairs

Phone: 920-424-0890

Terri Gohmann, M.S. Ed.

Assistant Dean of Students

Phone: (920) 424-3100

Petra Roter, PhD

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Phone: (920) 424-4000

Joann Bares, M.S. Ed.

Assistant Director for Student Safety and Conduct

Phone: (920) 424-3212

Laurie Textor

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Human Resources

Phone: (920) 424-1166



Jennifer Haese, J.D.

Assistant Dean of Students

Phone: (920) 424-3100



A complaint procedure for individuals who believe that they have been discriminated against on the bases covered by the University, including sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and sexual violence is available.

If you wish to file a complaint or have any questions about the complaint procedures please contact the Office of Equity & Affirmative Action.

Complaint Procedures (click here)


This Affirmative Action Policy plus others in the UW Oshkosh Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook address harassment and discrimination in all forms, covering those with legally protected status for reasons of ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, disability, sexual orientation, or other reasons.

These policies apply to all faculty, staff, and students with respect to activities occurring on any University property and University-related activities occurring off-campus. They also apply to the activities of recognized student organizations including fraternities and sororities. The University will not tolerate harassment of its faculty, staff, or students by persons conducting business with or visiting the University, even though such persons are not directly affiliated with the University.

Harassment is conduct towards another person or identifiable group of persons that has the purpose or effect of:

1. Creating an intimidating or hostile educational environment, work environment, or environment for participation in a University activity;

2. Unreasonably interfering with a person’s educational environment, work environment, or environment for participation in a University activity; or

3. Unreasonably affecting a person’s educational or work opportunities or participation in a University activity.

These policies seek to encourage faculty, staff, and students to report and address incidents of harassment. Retaliation against faculty members, staff members, or students for reporting or complaining of harassment or enforcing these policies is strictly prohibited. Overt or covert acts of reprisal, interference, restraint, penalty, discrimination, intimidation, or harassment against an individual or group for exercising rights under these policies will be subject to appropriate and prompt disciplinary or remedial action.



Persons who believe they have experienced or witnessed discrimination or harassment under any of these policies are encouraged to report the incident promptly to the Equity & Affirmative Action Director to file an informal or formal complaint according to the following processes:

1. Informal Complaint Procedures: The informal procedure typically seeks acceptable mediation or resolution of the complaint between the parties involved. During the informal discussion and investigation of such a complaint by the Equity & Affirmative Action Director, emphasis is placed on the resolution of the matter as quickly as possible, at the lowest level possible, and with the fewest number of people. Resolution sought will be after consultation with the complainant.

2. Formal Complaint Procedures: Formal complaints or expressions of concern about possible harassment or discrimination may be pursued consistent with other University rules and procedures, as noted below:

(a) Complaints against students are outlined in Chapter 17 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code administered by the Dean of Students Office.

(b) Complaints against faculty may be presented to the Chancellor as outlined in the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Faculty Personnel Rules, Chapter Nine, Part B, Faculty Complaints.

(c) Complaints against academic staff may be presented to the Chancellor as outlined in the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Academic Staff Personnel Rules, Chapter Sixteen, Complaints.

(d) Complaints against classified staff may be presented to the Director of Equity & Affirmative Action or directly to the Chancellor.


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