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Sexual Harassment

In considering sexual harassment, it is the EFFECT of behavior not the INTENT that counts.




Who to Contact


Types of Sexual Harassment

Quid Pro Quo

Harasser requires sexual favors of victim in return for some action by harasser, or harasser retaliates against victim for refusing sexual favors.

Hostile Environment

Victim is subjected to unwelcome repeated sexual comments, innuendoes or touching, which alter conditions or interfere with academic or emplyment performance or access to opportunities provided by the institution.

Conduct is gender-based, persistend, and unwelcome.

Conduct may be physical, verbal or nonverbal.

Third-Party Harassment

Sexual conduct between persons involved creates a hostile work environment for others.

Sexual Favoritism

Opportunities granted in exchanged for sexual favors constitutes unlawful sex discrimination against other qualified persons who are denied equal opportunity.

Gender-Based Harassment

Harassing behavior based on gender constitutes sexual harassment, even if the behavior is not "sexual" in content.

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