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Affirmative Action Plan and Hiring Goals

The UW Oshkosh Affirmative Action Plan covering women and racial/ethnic minorities has been prepared to meet the requirements of Executive Order 11246, as amended, and more specifically to comply with its implementing regulations, standards and guidelines set forth in 41 CFR Chapter 60-2, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, Equal Employment Opportunity, Department of Labor. Affirmative action must be applied to all faculty, academic staff, classified staff, limited term, and project positions of employment and to all employment practices including, but not limited to: recruiting, hiring, certification, testing, transfers, promotions, training, compensation, benefits, layoffs, non-contract renewals, terminations, retention, and committee assignments.

Affirmative Action requires employers to do more that ensure employment neutrality for women, racial/ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities. As the phrase implies, affirmative action requires the employer to make additional efforts to recruit, employ and promote qualified members of groups formerly excluded, even if that exclusion cannot be traced to particular discriminatory actions on the part of the employer. The premise of the affirmative action concept is that unless positive action is undertaken to overcome the effects of systemic institutional forms of exclusion and discrimination, benign neutrality in employment practices will perpetuate the status quo indefinitely. The objective of an affirmative action plan is to achieve equal employment opportunity as a durable and permanent feature in the workplace. This is accomplished through specific and result-oriented procedures set forth in an affirmative action program to which the employer is committed to apply every good faith effort.

The analyses and supporting data upon which the program is built were derived from U.S. Census of Population data through the use of the Work Force/Job Group Analysis for Windows and AA Planner software for Windows developed by Peopleclick. Supporting data for faculty availability sources was taken from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) NSOPF: 04.


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