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LGBTQ Council


To provide visionary leadership, education and advocacy necessary to cultivate an equitable, inclusive and supportive climate for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh community members of all sexual identities.

More specifically, the Council will meet four community needs:

  • Educate the University community members about challenges and issues faced by LGBTQ faculty, staff and students;
  • Affirm the lives, experiences, and presence of LGBTQ faculty, staff and students at the University;
  • Advocate to ensure an environment of safety, equity and respect for individuals of all sexual and gender identities; and
  • Evaluate the UW Oshkosh members’ efforts toward these ends including an assessment of the effectiveness, impact and outcomes of the LGBTQ Education & Advocacy Council.


Department/Constituency or Affiliation


Bullington, Grady (11)

Thomas, Jerry (12)

Corley, Kathleen (12)

Harper, Amney (10)

Lenza, Michael (10)

Michalski, Shelly (11)

COLS-M/S (Mathematics)

COLS-S/S (Pol Science)

COLS-Hum (Rel Std & Anthro)


COLS-S/S (Public Affairs)

COLS-M/S (Biology/MicroBio)

Academic Staff

Inda, Jean (12)

Marshall, Rich (13) [chair]

Masters, Sally (13) [chair]



Career Services

Academic Advising

Classified Staff

Goetsch, Lisa (10)

Nguyen, Kim (10)


Reeve Memorial Union

Administrative Computing



Hopper, Caitlin






Rainbow Alliance for HOPE, Advisor

Cannon, Liz



LBGTQ Resource Center

Administrative Appointment



Affirmative Action


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