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The UW Oshkosh ADA Coordinator for Faculty and Staff is responsible for campus-wide compliance with the ADA.


When to Contact the ADA Coordinator

As an applicant or employee:

  • If you are unsure whether your medical condition (physical or mental) is covered under the ADA.
  • If you have questions about your rights and responsibilities under the ADA.
  • If you need assistance with the accommodation process.
  • If you have concerns about discrimination, harassment, or retaliation based on disability or the need for accommodations.

As a supervisor:

  • As soon as you become aware of a disability-related employment matter or an employee requests an accommodation.
  • If you are unsure whether a disability may be present (do not ask the applicant or employee).
  • To send a copy of medical information or documentation that is needed for ADA purposes.
  • In order to make a decision to approve, modify, or deny an accommodation request, as required by the UW Oshkosh disability accommodation policy.
  • Before imposing disciplinary action, up to and including termination, when there is a disability or a perceived disability.
  • If you want the ADA Coordinator to give a presentation or workshop to supervisors in your unit or department.
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