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Frequently Asked Questions for Drop-In's


Frequently Asked Questions for Drop-in's


1. Nothing is open - what should I take?


You will need to talk to an academic advisor.  You can call (920) 424-1268 or stop by the UARC, Student Success Center, Suite 202, to set up an appointment. Please bring your STAR with you so that your academic advisor can help you explore course options.

2. The class I need/want is full. What do I do now?

  • You have several options when a class is full on Titan Web.

    • First, you could contact the department of the course to see if there is a waiting list that you could be added to.

    • You also may want to talk to the course instructor to see if he or she will add you to the class using an add card (which can be obtained in 130 Dempsey Hall).

    • You also will want to keep checking Titan Web; if a spot opens, you can enroll in the class online.

    • And lastly, on the first day of that course, go to the classroom early, with an add card, and speak with the instructor. If a spot opens up in the class, you can be signed into it at that time.

  • Add cards: If you have a signed add card, you can bring it to the Registrar’s Office, 130 Dempsey Hall, to be added to the course.


3. I tried to enroll in a class and it says “Error”. What should I do?


There could be a number of reasons that your received an “Error” message.

  • First make sure that you have the correct 5-digit course number to enter into Titan Web.

  • Then, click on the “error” to see what message it gives you:

  • If it’s a prerequisite error, see an academic advisor in the Student Success Center, Suite 202.

  • If it’s a time conflict, see which class it is conflicting with and change your schedule.

  • If you are unsure of what the “error” is, you will want to stop in the Registrar’s office, located in 130 Dempsey Hall, and have one of their staff members assist you.


4. What does "department consent" mean?

  • Department Consent means that you need special permission to enroll in that class. The bottom line is that the department is controlling who will be able to take that particular course. A student needs to bring an add card to the department office to get permission to be enrolled for that particular course.


5. What is the difference between a BA and a BS? Is one better than the other?


The Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) is equal to the Bachelor of Science degree (BS); one is no better or worse than the other. Either degree is granted after the student meets a series of general education requirements and major requirements that will prepare the student with a foundation of skills and knowledge to succeed. The question of whether the BA or BS is more appropriate for the student depends on the student and his or her own interest.

The majority of general education requirements for the two degrees are the same. But there are three main differences: 

  • The BS degree requires four semesters of a lab science; the BA requires only two semesters.

  • However, the BA is the only degree at UW Oshkosh that requires up to 14 credits of a single Foreign Language.

  • Lastly, the BA degree could only require three credits of math, depending on the math placement of the student. The BS degree will require at least 6 credits of math, depending on the major the student selects.

For further clarification, please contact an academic advisor in the UARC, Student Success Center, Suite 202, at (920) 424-1268.


6. How do I find out the lab time and lecture time for Science courses?

  • When registering for a natural science class, register for the lab course and the computer will automatically put you in the corresponding lecture course.  You can tell if a lab and lectures courses go together by the letter by the section.  (For example: Biology 105 labs sections AO4L, AO5L, AO6L goes with the Biology 105 lecture section AO9C.)


7. What "pairs" of Natural Science Classes can I take together?


8. I tried to register to retake one of my classes but Titan Web won’t let me. What could be the problem?

  • The university's repeat policy is available on the Registrar's website.


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