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Appeal Process

Appeal Process-How do I appeal my suspension?

Step 1: In a letter format using complete sentences, clearly describe the specific difficulties you faced this semester (if extenuating circumstances are noted include supporting documentation.)


Step 2: Clearly describe what steps you have already taken and/or will take to remedy the situation for next term. Include an academic plan with your appeal.


  •  Include any relevant documentation of services that you used this semester.
  1. Campus resources- Examples include meeting with an academic advisor (Undergraduate Advising Resource Center- UARC, Student Support Services-SSS, or Lifelong Learning & Community Engagement-LLCE), working with a tutor, enrolling in study skills, reading strategies, or academic and career exploration courses, working with support services such as Project Success, Adult Nontraditional Student Resource Office, Veterans Office, Health Center, or Multicultural Retention Programs, etc. Examples of documentation include copies of advising worksheets, letters of support, a copy of a GPA calculation done with an academic advisor, etc.
  2. Personal Problems- Examples include working with a counselor in the Counseling Center or an off-campus counselor, working with the Dean of Students Office, etc. Examples of documentation include letters of support and/or documentation to verify participation.
  3. Financial problems- Examples include working with Financial Aid or Student Accounts. Documentation examples include letters verifying the work that is being done to address this issue.
  4. Work Schedule Conflicts- Examples of documentation include work schedules and letters from supervisors working to make schedule changes.
  5. Additional factors- Examples include addressing your current living situation, how and where you studied, participation in student athletics or organizations, etc. Provide appropriate documentation to support these changes.
  • Describe your academic plan for the next semester:
  1. Examples include enrolling in repeat coursework, working with an academic advisor on course selection and GPA calculations, taking a study skills (Academic Skills 125) and/or the Academic Recovery (Academic Skills 115) course, working with support services such as Project Success, Multicultural Retention Programs, Adult Nontraditional Student Resource Office, Health Center, Veterans Office, Counseling Center, or Dean of Students, etc. Your academic plan must be specific and detailed.  

Step 3: Although not required, it is STRONGLY recommended that you review your appeal letter and academic plan with a UARC, SSS, or LLCE academic advisor, or other support services personnel in order to verify that you have included all relevant information to justify your appeal. This meeting may result in changes being made to your next semester's class schedule.  Incorporate feedback into appeal letter.

Step 4: Submit materials (appeal letter, academic plan and appropriate documentation) by due date.  Late appeals will not be accepted.

Documentation must be mailed, hand-delivered, faxed, or emailed (from TitanMail account only) to:


Academic Standing Review Council
c/o undergraduate Advising Resource Center
750 Elmwood Ave., Student Success Center Suite 202
Oshkosh, WI 54901-3694
Fax: (920) 424-1491

Step 5: Find out how your financial aid, tuition, housing/residence life and dining could be affected if suspended. Contact information for those offices is as follows:

Financial Aid
104 Dempsey Hall
Student Accounts
236 Dempsey Hall
Residence Life
263 S. Gruenhagen Conference Center
University Dining
Blackhawk Commons, Room 8

Fall/Spring Interim - How does it affect my suspension?

I'm enrolled for an interim course, can I continue?

  • Yes, you may continue. However, you still must appeal your suspension or your next semester courses will be dropped.


I believe that my interim course will result in Good Standing (above a 2.0 official GPA and/or about a 1.0 semester GPA) and I plan to continue enrollment at the university next semester, do I still need to appeal?

  • Yes. You still must appeal your suspension or your next semester courses will be dropped.


I don't want to continue in my interim course. What can I do?

  • You must drop it prior to the last day to drop a course without an instructor's signature date or you will receive an F in the course. Refer to the official add/drop calendar online for specific date information. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Appeal Process

1. Is there a form I need to use for my appeal?
  • No. You should write your appeal in a letter format using complete sentences. Review your appeal letter and academic plan with a UARC, SSS, or LLCE academic advisor, or other trusted support services personnel. Incorporate feedback into appeal letter.


2. Some of the information in my appeal is personal. Will the documentation be kept confidential?
  • All information and documentation provided will be part of your confidential advising file and will be shared only on a need-to-know basis.


3. What happens if I don't appeal by the deadline?

  • You will be dropped from your next semester classes even if you are enrolled in an interim and your interim grade improves your academic standing.


4. Can I still submit an appeal after the deadline?

  • Late appeals will not be accepted or reviewed unless you can provide documentation of extenuating circumstances.


5. When will I be notified of the appeal decision?

  • The Academic Standing Review Council, consisting of faculty and academic staff from all four colleges, will review all academic suspension appeals. Upon conclusion of the review, a decision will be emailed to your UW Oshkosh email address.


6. What happens if my appeal is denied and I'm enrolled for the next semester?

  • You will be dropped from those classes (unless you are enrolled in an interim course and that grade automatically changes your academic standing).


7. I don't want to appeal and I want to drop all my next semester courses. What do I do?

  • Please complete a withdrawal from the university. Contact the Registration Office in 130 Dempsey Hall, or call 424-3454 for assistance.
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