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Academic Skills 115: Academic Recovery

Academic Skills 115: Academic Recovery

Academic Recovery: (Academic Skills 115) is a 14 week course designed to focus on promoting your ability in four categories that are essential to becoming a successful student:
  • Motivation
  • Self-management
  • Study behaviors and strategies
  • Engagement with university support networks. 

Testimonials from Students who have taken ACAD115

  • This class has taught me a lot.  I wish this was recommended to all the first semester.  It helped me realize that I wasn’t by myself and that others struggled too.
  • I believe this class is extremely beneficial and I would recommend this course to anyone struggling with academics. 

  • This class has really helped making studying easier and more effective.  Instead of wasting time just mindlessly reading textbooks and notes, I now can get more info into my head through the various strategies we learned in class.  Thanks so much!     

  •  This class was a huge help to me.  I now know how to study and I already see an improvement in my grades and my behaviors in the classroom.

  • Really enjoyed this class, learned new skills/techniques to have a successful college experience.
  • This course was extremely beneficial to my success in college because I learned things that helped me succeed in all other courses this semester and semesters to come.


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