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Peer Advising Liaisons (PALS)

Why Do You Need a PAL?

There will be many times during college when you'll have questions that need to be answered, and sometimes you may have no idea where to go. Peer Advising Liaisons (PALS) are here for that reason, along with many more. They have been asked just about every question you could imagine! If a PAL doesn't know the answer to your question, they will know where and/or who to refer you to. PALS can also offer support when you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or confused.

You can rely on PALS to have the answers to many of your questions!

Who is a PAL?

PALS are returning UW Oshkosh students who care about their fellow students and are committed to helping students reach their college goals. PALS are carefully selected through a formal interview process based on academic criteria, experience, and attitude.


A PAL Can Help You With ...

  • Reading your STAR.
  • Finding your assigned academic/faculty advisor.
  • Making an appointment with your academic advisor.
  • Determining any holds or stops on your record.
  • Registering for your classes.
  • Adding, dropping and repeating classes.
  • General Education and University Studies Program (USP) requirements.


To find more information, visit the UARC's FAQ page.

Contact a PAL

  • (920) 424-3299 or (920) 424-1268
  • Student Success Center Suite 202 (Monday through Friday from 8 am - 4:30 pm) 

 PALS 2015 Group

 CLICK on the PAL picture to take the survey! 


Meet Your PALS!



Avery P.
Major: Math
What I like about UWO: I like all the ways to get involved at UWO like intramurals, clubs, and volunteering.
Brenda F.
Major: Human Resource Management
What I like about UWO: All the opportunities the UWO campus offers to get involved and give back to the community.
Ciara V.G.
Minors: Music and Theater
What I like about UWO: The number of student organizations, clubs, and opportunities to get involved.

Xena Dylan
Elise W.
Major: Nursing
What I like about UWO: How my classes and professors challenge me, yet I have many resources available to me to help me succeed.
Xena A.
Psychology with emphasis in Healthcare Science, Spanish with emphasis in Language
What I like about UWO: The people and the campus.
Dylan E.
What I like about UWO: I like the small campus environment and the opportunities that are provided from all the students. I feel that UW Oshkosh is a very supportive community that allows students to grow.

Hannah Hannah Jerika
Hannah F.
Major: Human Service Leadership
What I like about UWO: I love the size of UWO & the layout of the campus.  It is the perfect distance from home.  I've learned so much in my time & made wonderful friends here at UWO.  There are so many opportunities to get involved in extra curricular activities.
Hannah F.
What I like about UWO:
I like how willing most professors are to help students!
Jerica K.
Human Service Leadership
Minor: Psychology
What I like about UWO: I love how many opportunities there are to get involved.  I have met some of my closest friends here.

Kassi Kate Katie

Kassi C.
Major:  Social Work
What I like about UWO: I like that UWO is a perfect distance from home, not too close and not too far away.  I also like all the amazing friendships and connections that I've made here.
Kate M.
Major:  Communications
Minor: Business Admin.
What I like about UWO: I absolutely love all of the opportunities for success UWO provides you with.  Everyone goes out of their way to make you feel welcome and to help you reach your full potential.
Katie K.
Criminal Justice
What I like about UWO: The thing I like about UWO is the sense of community and getting a good college experience from academics to meeting new people.

Nick Kelsey Kingsley
Nickolas B.
Business - Marketing
What I like about UWO: What I like about Oshkosh is the people and the resources. Together they bring an environment that is friendly and helpful and truly enjoyable.
Kelsey S.
Social Work
Minor: Communication
What I like about UWO: The size of the campus and all of the friends I've made here.
Kingsley N.
Major:  Accounting
What I like about UWO: After two years as a business student, I'm convinced that UWO has what it takes to prepare a student for the competitive business world.

Lindsey Lizz Nick L

Lindsey W.
What I like about UWO:
I like the friendly and helpful atmosphere of the staff and students encountered on the UWO campus.
Lizz M.
Major:  Accounting
Minors: English-Creative Writing
What I like about UWO: The staff is committed to students' success!
Nick L.
I am looking forward to helping my fellow classmates and make their lives easier.



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