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What Can I Do to Help Me Decide on a Major?

Look at the list of undergraduate majors.

Print out the list of undergraduate majors and cross off the ones you know you are not interested in pursuing (if you don’t know what a major is, don’t cross it off!).  Take pride in knowing you have accomplished something, by narrowing down the list of options even if only by a little bit.


Explore E-Bulletins.

Use E-Bulletins to explore majors.  Look up the courses that you would be required to take for your desired major.  Read the course descriptions to see if the content of each course in the major interests you.  If you like the courses, keep exploring the major.  If not, move on to a different area.


Talk with faculty in the major.

Are you really enjoying a class you are in this semester?  Talk to your instructor!  Go to office hours and find out about the major by learning what your instructor’s interests and skills led your instructor to this major.  If anyone can give you the “scoop” on this major,  faculty can.  Please remember to be patient.  Faculty are busy, but would enjoy talking about your interest in the major.


Talk with students already declared in the major.

There’s a reason these students chose this particular major.  Find out what it is!  What do they enjoy about the major?  What are they hoping to do in the future after graduation?  Get the insider’s view of a potential major from your peers.


Take a class that explores majors and careers.

We have one right here on campus!  It’s called Academic & Career Exploration and is a one-credit course that will teach you about the process of self-exploration and career planning. You will have the opportunity to match your interests, skills, values, needs and expectations with satisfying major and career options. You can find this course on TitanWeb under subject area; Counseling-Professional, catalog number; 201.


Talk with an advisor.

Located in the Student Success Center, Suite 202, the UARC has a staff of full-time, professional academic advisors who can assist you with major exploration, goal setting, course selection, graduation requirements, policies and procedures. Academic advisors can also offer guidance and support when students experience a variety of academic concerns and can refer as needed. The office is open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Call 424-1268 to schedule an appointment.


Talk with a career counselor.

The Counseling Center, located in the Student Success Center, Suite 240, offers an array of services for deciding students including one-on-one counseling, a variety of in-depth career and self  and a career library which contains numerous books, computer programs and other resources students can use to collect information about thousands of careers. To make an appointment with a Career Counselor call 424-2061.


Take a few introductory courses.

Use E-bulletins to explore the introductory courses suggested for your desired major.  Look over the list of General Education Courses for some other introductory courses that look interesting and may lead you to a potential major.


Conduct an Informational Interview.

Learn more about potential careers.  Make a professional contact in your field.  Practice your interviewing skills.  Informational interviews can be rich and dynamic sources of career information.  Try one today.  Log on to TitanJobs and review the “How to Conduct an Informational Interview” document in the Resources Library:


Go to Career Services.

Career Services isn’t just for Seniors!  They can help you learn what career options are associated with the majors that interest you.  In addition to helping with job searches, resume and cover letter development, and interviewing techniques, Career Services can connect you with people in those fields for informational interviews and job shadowing experiences.  To make an appointment with a Career Advisor call 424-2181 or stop in the Student Success Center, Suite 125.

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