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Steps to Repeat Class Appeal

  1. Go to Dempsey 130 and pick up the Appeal to Repeat Form.
  2. Fill out the form carefully and accurately.
  3. Go to the department that offers the course and set up an appointment to talk to the Chair. By going directly to the chair, you will ensure that the form will be processed quickly and efficiently. In turn, the chair will be able to provide you information about whether or not there are openings in the course.
  4. If the chair determines that you can enroll in the course, fill out an Add Card provided by the department.
  5. Bring both the Appeal to Repeat Form signed by the Chair and the Add Card to Jane Wypiszynski. Her office is located in the Student Success Center at the UARC. If she is in her office, she may sign the form immediately. If she is not available, turn in your forms at the office for her approval. These forms will be mailed back to you.
  6. Submit the Appeal to Repeat form and the Add Card to Dempsey 130.
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