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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know who my advisees are?

Faculty advisers will consult with the Program Assistant(s) in their respective departments to identify those students who have been assigned to them as advisees. Individual departments and programs within Colleges have set guidelines for how advisees are to be assigned.

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How do you change a major or minor?

Students who wish to change a major or minor should stop by the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center in the Student Success Center Suite 202.

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How long does a student have to drop a class?

Students should check for deadlines in the add/drop calendar before dropping classes. If the class is the student’s only class, see question on Withdrawing from the University, below.

If a student wants to drop a class after these deadlines, she/he must complete a Request for Late Drop Form (available in the Registrar's Office in Dempsey 130).

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Is withdrawing from the University the same as dropping a class?

No. Dropping a course and withdrawing from the university are two separate issues with different deadlines and processes.  Dropping a course is the deletion of a single course from your schedule.  Withdrawing from the university is the dropping of all courses, including interim. 

Students may withdraw from the University by dropping all their classes. They must notify the Registrar's Office in one of the following ways:

    1. Come to the Registrar's Office in Dempsey 130
    2. Call the Registrar's Office at 920-424-3454
    3. Send an email to or a letter to Registration Office, Attn: Withdraw, 800 Algoma Blvd., Oshkosh, WI 54901. Please include your name, Student ID number and the term from which you are withdrawing.

The deadlines for withdrawals vary for each term & session Please see the Add Drop Calendar.

After these deadlines, students seeking to withdraw must complete a Term Withdrawal Form, including Part II Appeal for Late Term Withdrawal.  Students should consult the Fee/Refund Schedule for information about refunds and charges. Withdrawal does not remove the obligation for costs incurred by a student during the semester. Questions should be directed to Student Accounts, Dempsey 236, 920-424-1332.

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If a student doesn’t attend for a semester do they have to re-apply?

 Yes. Students who do not attend a semester will need to reapply to the campus when returning.  Contact the Admissions Office, Dempsey 135 or phone 920-424-0202.

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How do I find out about Study Abroad?

To learn about study abroad programs contact the Office of International Education at 920-424-0775 or by email to Study Abroad.  Their website is also an excellent source to learn about the study abroad programs.

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How do you get permission for a credit overload?

The following unit (cr.) load maximums have been established for undergraduates:

  • 17-week term: 21 units (crs.)
  • 14-week term: 18 units (crs.)
  • 7-week term: 9 units (crs.)
  • 3-week term: 3 units (crs.)
  • 8-week term: 9 units (crs.)
  • 4-week term: 6 units (crs.)

In extraordinary circumstances students may file a written request to exceed these limits. Students should see an adviser in the Undergraduate Advisement Resource Center, Student Success Center Suite 202, for an application for appeal to schedule an overload. Final decisions on overload requests are made by the respective college Assistant Director or Dean’s Designee.

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What should students consider when thinking about dropping below full time status?

Dropping below full time (12 credits for a regular semester) can cause problems in the following areas:

  • Athletic eligibility
  • Discount on insurance rates
  • Veterans benefits and financial aid
  • Eligibility for the Dean's list
  • Progress toward graduation and financial aid

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How can a student find out how courses transfer to or from UW Oshkosh?

  • Equivalences for all UW System schools and Wisconsin Technical Colleges can be found on Transfer Information System (TIS).
  • Students with classes outside the UW System or Wisconsin Technical Colleges should contact the Admissions Office for equivalences.

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How can a student request a transcript?

To obtain an official transcript, students must submit a signed, written request. They can either come to the Records Office to complete a transcript request form or download the form and send your request to the Records Office. An official transcript is printed on security paper and bears the signature of the Registrar and the embossed school seal. Only official transcripts are mailed. Faxed transcripts are not considered official. It is up to the receiver to decide if faxed information can be used in place of an official transcript. Transcript requests should be placed well in advance of date needed to insure adequate time for processing. To obtain an Unofficial Transcript or enrollment verification, students must go the Student Service Center on Titan Web.

The cost of transcripts are $5.00 per set for regular service (3-5 day processing) and $7.00 per set for rush service (24 hour processing). Checks or money orders made payable to UW Oshkosh, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) or cash are accepted. Transcripts will not be issued to students who have any outstanding financial obligations to the University.

UW Oshkosh has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act on the Registrar's behalf in providing proof of enrollment for third parties. Third parities could include: health insurers, loan guarantors, credit issuers and housing providers. Students can log into Titan Web to print their Enrollment Certificate. By printing this enrollment certificate, students do NOT need to stop by the Registrar's Office to obtain verification.

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How do you obtain a verification of graduation?

If you have attended UW Oshkosh since Summer 2001, you can obtain an unofficial transcript from Titan Web. If you need an official transcript please see the information under Registrar's Office. For other questions, please contact the Records Office at (920) 424-1199.

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What is an Academic Leave of Absence (LOA)?

 An Academic Leave of Absence (LOA) is granted to students whose enrollment at UWO is interrupted for one semester because of studies abroad or internships. The LOA guarantees the student an enrollment appointment date/time for registration of the next semester's classes, consistent with dates assigned "continuing" students. If academic or disciplinary suspension occurs prior to the effective date of the leave of absence, the leave of absence is automatically canceled. 

Eligible students can request an LOA application form online. The form should be submitted during the semester prior to the student's absence.

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