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Faculty Concept Model

The Total Intake Model

A holistic advising approach that embraces three primary advisor functions, as follows:

  • Informational Function: These are topics about that the adviser needs to be knowledgeable. These include familiar items such as institutional rules and regulations, program and course offerings and referral sources and services.

  • Conceptual Function: These topics encompass what the adviser needs to understand about the student and about the institution's advising environment. They include such subjects as the definition of advising, students' expectations of advising and the rights and responsibilities of advisers and advisees.

  • Relational Function: These are behaviors that the adviser needs to demonstrate in order to be effective in advising students, including demonstrating an attitude of warmth and welcome, asking questions that invite students' involvement in discussion and helping students use effective decision making strategies.


Depending upon the anticipated outcome of a given advising session, one or more of the functions is likely to be dominant. Ideally, the functions overlap and, in the course of an adviser/advisee relationship, all three interactive patterns occur.


Reference: Gordon, V. & Habley, W. (2000). Academic Advising: A Comprehensive Handbook. Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, C

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