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Academic Standing Process

How I Got From Probation to Graduation


How I Got From Probation to Graduation (condensed classroom version)

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Good Academic Standing

To read the Registrar's complete Good Academic Standing Policy, click here

Students are expected to meet the following criteria for good academic standing:

1.  Maintain a minimum of 2.0 official cumulative grade point average.

2.  Earn a minimum of 1.0 term grade point average.


Probation and Suspension Policy

To read the University's Probation and Suspension Policy, click here


Academic Standing Codes and Meaning

To read the Registrar's complete Academic Standing Levels (Not in Good Standing), click here

Cause of Standing: Academic Standing
Cumulative GPA drops below a 2.00 for 1 term Probation 1
Cumulative GPA drops below a 2.00 for 2 consecutive terms Probation 2
After suspension appeal is approved Probation 3
Term GPA drops below a 1.00 for 1 term Suspension 1
Cumulative GPA drops below a 2.00 for 3 consecutive terms Suspension 2
Failed to obtain a Good Standing after re/entered from suspension Suspension 5
Failed to obtain a Good Standing after suspension appeal approved. Suspension 6



If you are a student who is on academic probation (Probation 1, Probation 2, or Probation 3), please click here for more information.


Suspension and the Appeal Process

If you are a student who is on academic suspension (Suspension 1, Suspension 2, Suspension 5, or Suspension 6), please click here for more information.


Academic Standing FAQs

 For a list of frequently asked questions and answers, click here.



 There are a number of resources on campus that can assist you.  Please click here to view a list of campus resources.


Situations that May Impact Academic Standing

I received a grade change or completed a late drop or term withdrawal that improved my academic standing. What do I do?

  • You must email to have your academic standing changed. This will not change automatically.

I feel that external forces contributed to my academic problems. What can I do?

  • If you believe your academic performance was affected by extenuating circumstances, and you can provide appropriate documentation, you may choose to pursue a term withdrawal (withdrawing from all classes for the current semester) by contacting the Dean of Students Office, 125 Dempsey Hall, 424-3100.

  • Extenuating circumstances are situations in which external factors interfered with the ability to perform well academically through no fault of the student. Examples include death of an immediate family member, auto accident, or medical reasons such as severe illness or emotional trauma.

I feel that I need assistance working through personal circumstances that contributed to my academic performance. Where can I go for help?

  • You are encouraged to schedule a free and confidential appointment with a counselor in the University Counseling Center, 240 Student Success Center, 424-2061, or a personal counselor of your choice.

The University's faculty and staff encourage you to utilize the number of outstanding resources available to support your academic endeavors. Please remember; however, that academic success is ultimately your responsibility.


Re-entry from Suspension

To learn about re-entry after suspension, click here.


Why does the college care if my GPA is below 2.0?

There are two reasons the college cares:

• Students must have a UW Oshkosh GPA of at least 2.0 to be eligible for graduation (some majors require a higher than a 2.0 GPA for graduation). Additionally, students who consistently achieve a low GPA are most likely behind in graduation requirements. Allowing students to incur more debt while continually achieving poor results can be damaging to the student’s academic and financial record.  

• Upholding the academic integrity and standards of the college.

Additional Questions?

If you have more questions about your academic standing or the appeals process, please email




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