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Early Alert Information for Students


 Early Alert was created by faculty at UW-Oshkosh to help students better track their academic progress in their courses. This is especially helpful for the students whose instructors do not use D2L because it gives professors the opportunity to communicate grades to their students in a different format.


An email is sent out to all undergraduate students enrolled in 14 week courses during the 5th week of each semester. The email includes one of the following grade statements for each course;

  • your current grade in this course is lower than a C
  • you have not attended class regularly and your grade could be affected
  • you have not attended class regularly and your current grade in this course is lower than a C
  • your current grade in this course is a C or higher
  • did not report any grade for you in this course-please note instructor participation is optional
Be aware that instructors are not required to participate in this program. In these cases students should not assume they are doing OK, but rather should follow up with their instructor to know for sure. Students can follow up by email or during office hours to get their specific grade information.
What should I do if I get an Early Alert?
The very first thing is to talk to your instructor in person. That may be scary, but they provided the grade information because they want to help you. 
The email also suggest resources that are available to help students improve their grade in the course. It is recommended that students take advantage of these resources to ensure success in each of their courses. 
Early Alert exists to help you take action and have control of your academic progress here at UWO. It is intended to be a tool for you to have greater knowledge of your performance in your courses and to help you move in the right direction. 
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