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Constitution Day

Each educational institution in the United States that receives federal funding must observe Constitution Day, Sept. 17 (or the week before or the week after when the 17th falls on a weekend).

In AASCU's American Democracy Project (ADP), many campuses have transformed that little-known federal mandate into an opportunity to reflect on our government, our liberties, and our obligations as citizens in this democracy. It also creates a wonderful opportunity to launch the academic year with a set of inspiring activities.


The Constitution of the United States

  UW Oshkosh Campus Events


 Constitutions and Cupcakes

Receive a free pocket copy of the Constitution and a cupcake.

  • Tuesday, Sept. 17
  • Reeve Union Commons 
  • 11:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.


Constitution Day Lecture - Speaker: 


Bio: Dr. Alison Staudinger is an Assistant Professor in the Democracy & Justice Studies and Political Science departments at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. At UWGB she teaches courses on constitutional law, gender, American politics and political theory. She earned her PhD in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland-College Park in May 2013, with an interdisciplinary dissertation critiquing contemporary democratic theorists for ignoring the important relationships between work and citizenship, drawing on historical case studies and Supreme Court cases to argue for the intimate connection between how different types of work are recognized or rewarded and access to political membership. Her current work extends her doctoral research to explore the theoretical importance of work in the writings of political theorist Hannah Arendt, as well as developing normative theories of democratic citizenship that are powerful in a world where labor is precarious.  She also is working with colleagues nationwide to develop “civic studies” as an multi-disciplinary research agenda, including pedagogy that encourages students to analyze and change the systems around them.

More Information About the Constitution

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