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Information about the American Democracy Project

The 4th Annual Creating a Stronger Community Contest


Purpose: To generate excitement and action around community-building projects in Oshkosh via a contest through which the person or group responsible for the idea is awarded a cash grant #and momentum to implement the idea.


Eligibility: Any individual, existing organization, or new group from Oshkosh (campus and non-campus community) with a good idea about how to improve local quality of life and build community #can apply.


Application Deadline: #the Sunday prior to Earth Week, 2015

# - Finalists will be announced at the Earth Week Dinner
# - Finals Event, where community members choose the winners through their votes, will be held later in the week during Earth Week 


 Click here for more information and the Contest Entry Form

Applicants can be anyone from the Oshkosh area community (students, UW Oshkosh faculty or staff, Oshkosh area volunteer agencies, Oshkosh community members, etc).

Alternative Spring Break Trips

The American Democracy Project invites you to follow the progress of several Alternate Spring Break projects at the links listed below. The ADP is proud to support these experiences as a part of their sponsorship this year.

                  While on the trip, students will be blogging their experiences which you can follow here:  You can also visit our website for updates and the names of students on each of the trips.


Project Vote Smart!


Voting in the Upcoming Elections


Register and Vote:  Find Out How

If you live on campus, and wish to vote in Oshkosh, you vote in Albee Hall. 

If you live off campus and wish to vote in Oshkosh, visit the City of Oshkosh’s “Elections” website to determine where you vote.

Click Here


Students with permanent residences outside of Oshkosh can choose to vote either at their school year residence in Oshkosh or at their permanent residences (probably by obtaining an absentee ballot if you will not be there on election day). 



Visit the City of Oshkosh’s “Elections” website for information on how to register to vote and what documentation is needed:  Click here

 Feel free to ask for more information about voting at Titan Central.

Additional information can be found

at Government Accountability Board:  Click Here

We encourage all our students to be active citizens, to research who will best represent you, and then to make your voice heard by voting!




The problem: Student/Community Divide 

College aged adults are increasingly observed to be uninterested in or alienated from active involvement in civic life. This level of "civic engagement" is a firm predictor of future organizational, community and electoral participation later in life, all cornerstones of our American democracy.

The solution: Increase Civic Engagement 

Through creative and challenging service learning projects and interdisciplinary approaches to the involvement in democratic processes and current events, the University can encourage students to engage their communities in meaningful ways that bring about the betterment of all.  It is the mission of the American Democracy Project and the Americorps Vista program to help bring this solution to UW Oshkosh.

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