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Additional Resources

Residence Life

Your residence hall will not only be “home” for nine months of the year, but it also will be an important part of your learning experience at UW Oshkosh. As part of a residence hall community, you will be able to plan programs—recreational, educational and cultural—from which you and others can benefit. 

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University Honors Program

The University Honors Program (UHP) not only creates and supports courses for honors students that are small, discussion-based and rigorous, but also sponsors social, cultural and intellectual co-curricular activities. 

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Center for Academic Support and Diversity (CASD)

The Center for Academic Support and Diversity (CASD) assists UW Oshkosh in the recruitment, enrollment, retention and graduation of multicultural and disadvantaged students, through a variety of collaborative programs, services and outreach activities.

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Project Success

Project Success is a remedial program for UW Oshkosh students with language-based learning disabilities.

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Disability Services

Disability Services, which is part of the Dean of Students Office, desires to coordinate reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities so they have the fullest opportunity to express their academic potential while integrating into the vibrant extra-curricular life of the UW Oshkosh.

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Academic Success

UW Oshkosh has been providing high-quality affordable education since 1871. Among the largest public universities in the state, UW Oshkosh is committed to providing students with a broad knowledge base and transferable skills as well as a strong sense of values and ethics through innovative academic programs and services.

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