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Oshkosh Transfer Information System (OTIS)

Our Oshkosh Transfer Information System (OTIS) is now live! Review course equivalencies for Wisconsin technical colleges and schools not in the UW system.

Use the following guide to help you navigate OTIS.

How to access OTIS

  1. Go to

  2. Click on Use As Guest - TitanWeb Schedule of Classes link.
    TitanWeb Guest Link

  3. In Self Service menu, click on Oshkosh Transfer Information link.
    Titan Web - Self Service

  4. This page will appear:

    School Search

    State: Select the state your school is in from the dropdown box.
    Description: Type the full name or part of the name of your school. The less you type, the more likely it will be that your school is found in our database. (If the name you type is not exactly what it is built in our database, we may not be able to match it.) Less is better.

  5. All schools matching your criteria will appear. Click on the link of the school you are searching.
    OTIS - School Result
  6. Enter all or part of the Department name or course number to search for course equivalencies.
    OTIS - Course Search
  7. The left column of the results page will show the external course (the course you are trying to find equivalencies for) and the right column will show the equivalent UW Oshkosh course. If the UW Oshkosh course section is blank, the course does not transfer.
    OTIS - Course Result


If you have any questions when using OTIS, please contact Admissions at (920) 424-3164.