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Special Students and Guests Admission Guidelines

UW Oshkosh welcomes special students and guests who wish to enroll in one or more classes without earning a college degree. 


Special students and guests apply to UW Oshkosh for varying reasons but most frequently to:

  • enroll in summer session classes;

  • take a course to keep a previously earned teaching license current;

  • earn college credits while still a high school student;

  • meet prerequisites prior to application for admission to a specific academic program;

  • audit a course as a senior citizen participating in the 60+ audit option; or

  • pursue a personal interest in a particular subject.


Special Student Status and Guidelines

Special students are non-degree seeking students. As such, they may register for classes on a term-by-term basis and may arrange to live in a UW Oshkosh residence hall by working with Residence Life.


Admissions Guidelines 


Intercollegiate Athletics and Financial Aid

As a special student, you are not eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics and may not receive financial aid. You will pay the costs of attendance without the assistance of federal or state financial aid. The cost per credit for tuition at UW Oshkosh is available on the Student Accounts website. Additional information on the costs of attendance at UW Oshkosh may be accessed from the University’s College Portrait.


Applying as a Special Student

You will apply to UW Oshkosh using the online UW System application and select "non-degree/special" when applying. You do not pay the UW System application fee, but will be asked by the admissions office to provide documentation of completion of a high school diploma or GED/HSED, documentation of prior academic course work at a previous college or university or — in the case of high school specials — an official copy of an in-progress high school transcript. 

The admissions office will notify you of any required documentation.