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Re-entry Following Academic Suspension

If you were previously suspended from the University, you may seek re-entry after a minimum of one full term (not including the summer session).

Previously suspended students must submit the following materials in appealing for re-entry from suspension:


Appeal Deadlines

Your appeal for re-entry from suspension should be received by the admissions office by:

  • July 15 for the fall semester*

  • Dec. 15 for the spring semester*

If you are a transfer or re-entry student appealing for re-entry, an official transcript from each institution you have attended since leaving UW Oshkosh must also be submitted. Transfer and re-entry students who are appealing for re-entry from suspension must follow the steps noted below in addition to the steps outlined on the transfer students Web page.

*The Admissions Office will continue to accept application materials after these posted deadlines, but can not guarantee that an appeal received after these dates will be reviewed. 


The Admissions Decision

An Academic Advising Review Committee will make the admissions decision regarding your appeal for re-entry based on your prior academic record, information you provide in making your appeal and any supporting documentation you submit.


Steps to Appeal for Re-entry From Suspension

Step 1: Submit Re-entry Application, Appeal for Re-entry from Suspension Form and Personal Letter

Submit the re-entry application, the Appeal for Re-entry from Suspension form and your personal letter written in response to the appeals questionnaire to the admissions office at the following address:

Admissions Office
UW Oshkosh
P.O. Box 2423
Oshkosh, WI  54903-2423


Step 2: Submit Your Enrollment Deposit

Upon receiving your official admit letter, submit your $100 enrollment deposit and your Intent to Enroll form. This $100 fee is applied toward your future tuition fees and is refundable via written request through July 1 for the fall term and through Dec. 1 for the spring term.


Step 3: Activate Your UW Oshkosh Email Account

About one week after the University receives your tuition deposit, your UW Oshkosh email account will be activated and available for your use.


Step 4: Set an Appointment for Academic Advising

Re-entry students who have been admitted to the University and who have paid the $100 tuition deposit are eligible to meet with academic advisers in the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC). To schedule an advising appointment, call the UARC appointment desk at (920) 424-1268 and identify yourself as a re-entry student. You will be scheduled to meet with an appropriate adviser for your college and major. Please access your STAR (degree audit) using Titan Web and bring a copy of this audit with you to your advising appointment.


Step 5: Use Titan Web to register for your classes

Students at UW Oshkosh use Titan Web to register for classes. They are assigned registration dates according to the total number of credits they have earned. Enrollment for spring terms begins the October prior, while enrollment for fall terms begins the February prior. Although you may apply for admission well in advance of the start of a given term, you will be eligible to enroll in classes only after these official registration periods are underway.

Use Titan Web to find out when you are eligible to enroll in classes. On or after your assigned registration date, access Titan Web and enroll in classes. If you need assistance, please contact the Registrar's Office.

NOTE: If you register for classes before meeting with your academic adviser, follow these steps:

  • You may be eligible to enroll in classes before you have the opportunity to meet with an academic adviser in UARC. If so, you may use your STAR (degree audit) available on Titan Web to assist you in selecting appropriate course work.
  • Before accessing your STAR, please open and read "Star Gazing," an informative flier that will help you read and interpret your STAR.
  • Please print a copy of your STAR and bring it with you when you come to campus for your re-entry advising session.


Important: Check all enrollment "messages"

Titan Web provides you with important messages when you register for your classes. Please be aware of the following "messages" impacting your enrollment:

  1. "Success": The class you have requested has been added to your schedule.

  2. "Error": The class you requested has not been added to your schedule. Click on the word "Error" for a detailed explanation of why the class was not added.

  3. "Message": This is a warning that you have already taken a class equivalent to the one you are attempting to take again. Please be sure you intend to repeat the class and, then, be aware that if you have previously taken the class and earned a grade of "C" or better, this is a violation of the UW Oshkosh Repeat Policy and the class will be administratively dropped from your schedule. If you are dropped from the repeat of a class for this reason, the Registrar's Office will notify you of any schedule changes via your campus email account.