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Re-entry Admission Guidelines

If you attended the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in the past and would like to return to complete your degree, we encourage you to apply for re-entry. 


Re-entry (Nontransfer and Good Academic Standing)

If you have not attended another college or university since leaving UW Oshkosh, and you left UW Oshkosh in good academic standing, follow these steps for applying to the University.


Transfer Re-entry

If you attended another college or university after leaving UW Oshkosh, the University regards you as a transfer student in terms of your application for readmission. Follow these guidelines for applying to the University as a transfer student.


Re-entry Following Academic Suspension

If you were previously suspended from the University, you may seek re-entry after a minimum of one full term (not including the summer session). Follow these guidelines for appealing for re-entry from suspension.