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Admitted Freshmen



If you have already paid the enrollment deposit and completed step 1...

You are well on your way! You've already submitted your Freshman Class Registration form and paid your $100 enrollment deposit. Please review placement testing information and learn more about your registration day

If you still need to pay your enrollment deposit...

It is important that we hear from you! We're very happy that you have been admitted to UW Oshkosh for fall 2014 but we're also concerned because you have not yet reserved a class registration date. 

If you refer back to your original admission packet, you will find a yellow sheet titled "Freshman Class Registration Form." Submitting this form, along with the $100 enrollment deposit, will secure your spot in the freshman class. 

No yellow form? Contact Rosie Merten by email or by phone at (920) 424-0309.

* Your $100 deposit is not an additional fee; it is a credit toward your fall tuition and is not refundable after May 1, 2014.

Applying for Spring 2015?

Review of applications began July 1, 2014.