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Faculty and Staff

  • I love that my Anthropology professors are very down to Earth and accessible. They get to know every one of us Anthro majors. I went to another school for a year and didn't get that same vibe. - Anna W.

  • The Nursing professors truly love their jobs and it makes the teaching and learning process so much more effective and personal! - Anne B.

  • I love UW Oshkosh because of the amazing advisors who helped me figure out what I want to do in the future! - Anna R.

  • The great relationships and confidence I have built with my professors, along with the growth I am gaining through my experience as part of the Professional Counseling Program. - Seniasor R.

  • I love the connections I have made with my professors in the Special Education department. They are willing to go the extra mile to help their students and have helped me to make many professional connections outside of UWO. - Samantha F.

  • It's the small things that make me happy here, from the professors that remember my name to the barista behind the counter in Reeve's MiTaza who knows who I am... "Small coffee and a bagel with cream cheese again?" -- Gotta love it! - Catherine W.

  • I love that my lecture hall professor in a class of 200+ still makes a personal connection with all of his students and it makes the class a blast. - Marissa B.

  • All of my nursing professors know my name. That is not something many students from other colleges can say. - Suzanna I.

  • You meet amazing staff and professors who help you connect with professionals to get internships and build networks in the community. - Jessica R.

  • I love the professors in the education program! They are so welcoming, energetic and passionate about what they do. My dream has always been to become a teacher and the education program makes my dream so worth achieving! - Jessica G.

  • Advisors are always available to help you create the best bath to graduation! - Malorie R.

  • I enjoy going to UWO because the professors get to know you on a one-on-one basis, the staff at ALL the dining locations are friendly and the Res Halls are awesome. - Mardy W.

  • Faculty and staff at UW Oshkosh are so nice it's mind-boggling. - Martin B.

  • The advisors within the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center and those in the Center for New Learning are some of the most helpful and knowledgeable individuals I have spent time with. - Tim Y.

  • My professor actually knows my name and says hi to me. -  Jackie W.

  • The administration rocks! The Chancellor is so funny and is always making jokes. They have the Chancellor's Midnight Breakfast where you can go and see all the administration making the food. Very cool! - Krystal M.

  • I enjoy knowing that my professors want students to succeed; they help by being available for help and challenging us in class. - Samantha L.

  • I love that my communication professors take the time to get to know me. - Kelly K.

  • I love how the people at Blackhawk know my name! Great way to start my day. - Josiy K.

  • UWO has many noteworthy, experienced and knowledgeable professors who make learning more of an interactive process rather than a chore! - Victoria D.

  • I enjoy going to Oshkosh because of the people. I have met so many new and amazing people. Nearly everyone, including the professors and staff members, are willing to help you with anything you need - and I think that is a great thing! - Kathryn S.

  • What I love about UW Oshkosh is how understanding the professors are when you need to ask them a question about a topic covered in class. - Amber A.

  • The professors here are so friendly and take time for students. Professors that I had a year ago still remember my name if we pass in the hall and there are many who I go see for career/major advice, or just to talk about life and what's going on. - Kelly G.

  • I love UW Oshkosh because it is so easy for students to connect with staff in the Residence Halls on campus. They are very knowledgeable about campus and make the transition from academics to socializing much easier. - Cal B.

  • The faculty gets involved on campus. Being able to see professors at athletic events and around campus is hard to find sometimes at other schools. - Rob S.

  • The connections between faculty and students are amazing. You can have someone to go to and get help from or talk to. It's good to know that I can visit someone in his or her office or even text with concerns and they are there for me. - Courtney G.

  • The faculty staff is very helpful and accommodating. - Assaad A.

  • The Counseling Center. It has great people who are very welcoming, caring and helpful. I'm very glad to be at a campus with such kind people. - Leah S.

  • 1) The staff is really caring and willing to help. 2) The campus is kept well and never dirty. 3) The classes are always informational. 4) The advisors are great for getting you on the right path. - Tiffany M.

  • The professors really want to get to know you and are very easily approachable. They genuinely care about how you're doing in the course. - Katie D.

  • I have been able to get to know my professors on a fun, personal and professional level and they have helped me develop as a person both intellectually and professionally. - Ashley I.

  • The staff is super friendly and always willing to give a helping hand. Professors are awesome. School layout is convenient and it is easy to access any part of campus within five minutes or so of walking. - Rudie H.

  • I love UW Oshkosh because the professors are awesome and really care about educating their students! - Ellen S.

  • The phenomenal staff/faculty of the Nursing Department who genuinely care about their students and treat us as more than just a number. - Anne B.

  • I love running into Dr. Feldman when he is walking around campus. His bright smile and warm personality always make me happy. Although I have never been in his class, he knows who I am and always says hello. - Elizabeth K.